Mini-Haul: Tanako and Godiva Lipglosses, Bobbie Nail Polish


Back with a mini-haul post from Watsons, many thanks to the much-awaited mid-year bonus from work! HAP-PY! ^___^ 

Went to Robinsons Galleria after work with Ekai (whom I fondly call my Oneechan -- Japanese for 'older sister' although actually, I'm older than her! XD ). Played GuitarFreaks and DrumMania (GitaDora for addicts like us, LOL!), too bad the GF machine is crappy and I did not bring my drumsticks with me for DM... -_-

Another reason for going to Robinsons (Gale as we would normally call it, heheh...): get the opaque black tights from Accessorize which I've been eyeing for for who-knows-how-long already! But when we got to the store, the only stocks they have are those lace tights. Bummer, so disappointed hur hur... T_T

So to settle myself down, we just went to Watsons and purchased the following:

Tanako Lipgloss (although I saw the actual brand as 688 Lip Gloss)

I couldn't resist this one, so kawaii! And I got this on a 'buy one, take one' deal (as you can see on the photo) for P75 only! This one is a real red shade, and the other one I gave to Ekai is more of an orange-red shade. Both are shimmery, will do a separate post for that one.

Godiva LicoMAX Lipgloss

I've read about this one in forums and a blog. They say that this is effective in lightening lips, making it naturally pink. Love how that sounds! Hmm, we'll see then...

Also got a Bobbie nail polish in Vamp. I like my polishes red or black as they make my hands and feet look lighter... ^__^

Just a side note: Uploading photos are a pain in the butt sometimes! Oh well...
So, that's it for now... Ja ne!


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