Home alone (but not so lonely) on a Saturday night...

Last Saturday, Paul went out with his barkada and I was left here in our apartment. So what is a girl to do? Of course, it's not that I dread being alone; it's just that it's a tad bit lonely. Usually in this scenario, I sit in front of the PC and do marathons of anime while pigging out on chips. But this time, it's different. Good thing I moved in the same apartment as Ekai, so she and Bryan (her mahal) came over...

Marty's -- I like the Salt & Vinegar flavor

Hany -- loads of 'em. I think we were able to eat 20 pieces.

New Zealand keychain I got from a former colleague. Final Fantasy Fenrir keychain I got from Comic Alley.

My old but trusty Nokia 5310 Xpress Music phone with Japanese charms


...with her Bryan. Yihee! (^__^)

One of our hamsters. Kawaii dessho?

Ja ne!


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