J-Rock Sunday: メーデー [MAYDAY] by Bump of Chicken

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Remember I mentioned in this post that I love the Japanese rock band Bump of Chicken? Well, here is the song that I guess, got me hooked to their music (and their super-kakoii vocalist and guitarist)... Kyaaa!

I first got to know the band through again, GuitarFreaks and DrumMania, with their song 天体観測 (Tentaikansoku). After that, I started researching on the net until I was able to get info about the members and listen to their other songs, and the rest as they say, is history. And even I can't really believe that so far, BoC is the only band that I painstakingly acquired all the singles and albums from.

Anyway, on to the main topic... I discovered this song while playing DrumMania V5 and this is the first song on the tracklist. When I heard this, I was like "Machigai na!" This is BoC, and only Motoo Fujiwara's unique voice can sound like that! BTW, this one is the title track from their album orbital period.

I love the melody, the instruments, the lyrics... everything! Like, if there's anyone who'd ask what song I'd use to introduce BoC to them, it would be Mayday...
Kore wa saikou no SONG desu!
So here are the video, lyrics, and translation...

メーデー [MAYDAY] by Bump of Chicken


Kimi ni kirawareta kimi no chinmoku ga kikoeta
Kimi no me no mae ni iru noni tooku kara kikoeta

Hasshingen wo sagashitara tadoritsuita mizutamari
Kore ga hito no kokoro nara fukasa nado wakaranai

Yobareta no ga boku demo boku ja nai toshitemo
Dou demo ii koto darou mondai wa betsu ni arunda

Iki wa motsu darou ka fukai kokoro no soko made
Kimi ga shizumeta kimi wo mitsukeru made moguru tsumori sa
Kurushisa to hirei shite bokura wa chikazukeru
Futatabi kokyuu wo suru toki wa kimi to isshoni

Boku mo mata onaji you ni chinmoku wo kikareta
Kimi mo mata onaji you ni tobi konde kureru nara

Kuchizuke wo azuke aou nakusazuni motte ikou
Kimi ni kirawareta kimi e kawari ni todokeru yo

Daremo ga chigau ikimono tanin doushi dakara
Sabishisa wo shitta toki wa nukumori ni kizukerunda

Yuuki wa aru darou ka ichido kokoro nozoitara
Kimi ga kakushita itami hitotsu nokorazu shitte shimau yo
Kizutsukeru kawarini onaji dake kizutsukou
Wakachi aeru mon ja nai no nara nibai areba ii

Kowai no sa boku mo kimi mo
Jibun wo miru nomo miseru nomo
Aruiwa dareka wo nozoku nomo
Demo seippai okutteita shizumeta jibun kara
Inoru you na MAYDAY...

Hibiku kyunan shingou fukai kokoro no katasumi
Konna tokoro ni ita no soba ni oide nigenakute ii yo
Fureta hasshingen ni todokeru yo kuchizuke
Kimi kara azukatte kitan da yo

Yuuki wa aru darou ka ichidou te wo tsunaidara
Hanasanai mama soto made tsurete iku yo shinjite ii yo
Iki wa motsu darou ka mabushii kokoro no soto made
Futatabi kokyuu wo suru toki wa, kimi to isshoni



I could hear silence from that part of yourself you hate
I’m standing right in front of you, but it sounds so far away

Looking for the source, all I reach are puddles
Supposing this is the human heart, there’s no telling how deep it is

Whether it was me you were calling or not, that doesn’t matter
It’s not really the problem

I wonder if my breath will hold out, to the depths of your heart
I will dive down until I find the part of yourself you drown there
It will be harder the closer I get
But when I breathe again, it will be together with you

I heard that silence again, like before
And if you dive in like you did before

We’ll keep the kisses we shared with each other, careful not to lose them
And in your place, I’ll bring it down to that part of yourself you hate

We’re all separate beings, because we all have our own lives
It’s when we learn what it means to be lonely, that we can recognize
That warmth

Do I have the courage? Once I peek into your heart
I must know each and every pain you hide from me
Instead of letting you get hurt, I will make myself hurt as you do
If there’s no way to share that pain together, I’ll feel it two times
More than you

We’re scared, you and me
To look at ourselves, to have others see us
Or to see into others
But from the depths of the part of ourselves that we drown, we send out
This mayday like a prayer...

The signal echoes
Deep in a chamber of the heart
So this is where you were; come here, don’t run away
Once I’ve found where it’s coming from, I’ll give you this kiss
It’s from yourself, I’ve kept it for you

Do I have the courage? Once my hand takes yours
I’ll take you outside without letting go, you can trust me
Will my breath hold out until we get outside the heart to where it shines
When I finally breathe again, it will be together with you

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