VL mode... ON!

Today, I am on VL (vacation leave), the 'legal' way of skipping work (while still getting paid, har har!). Oh no, my team leader would kill me if he knows about this! (¬_¬)

Well, thank goodness for that privilege. Especially in my line of work where it gets all crazy most of the time, and when you've been doing it for more than 3 years, I believe this is a well-deserved rest... (`・ω・´)

Started off by sleeping in, and woke up around 11am! Yeah, I'm like your 'sleep-eat-PC-sleep' kind of girl, hahahaa! Of course, not all the time so I consider this as a treat... Faced the PC while having my first cup of coffee and plain sandwich. I'm actually supposed to meet Ekai today and go to SSS-Pasig later but something not-so-good happened midday, which pissed me off and drained my mood to go out. Really, there are just some things that you can't avoid which somehow manages to ruin a good day. Argh! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Okay, back to sanity... So we decided to just reschedule it next week and now I'm cooped up inside our apartment, making myself busy with a bit of tidying up and putting watermarks on my blog photos. Will also catch up on my bass practice later.

Speaking of watermarks, I saw Paul's photos on his blog which had them and being the inggitera that I am (hahahaa!) I bugged him to teach me how to do that. So, here is mine...

Yes, there are more guitars than people living here. Meheheheh...

Ayt, that's it for now... Ja ne!


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