Pre-Weekend Stuff: Fully Booked and Saizen

Had a two-day after-work bonding with Marnie! Yatta!

On Thursday, we went to Gateway for some kawaii stuff-hunting. And here's what I got from Fully Booked:

Japanese Girl ballpen - Php21

Why do I feel like that Japanese girl is a bit scary? o_O

"Konnichiwa!" Marnie has one like this in yellow...

DPALS phone sock - Php149

I don't use a phone sock for my mobile as I always just keep it in my jeans pocket, but...

...it's so freakin' kawaii! And I love the free charm! (≧∇≦)/

Otakuzine anime mag - Php85

I don't really know Strike Witches, but what the heck...

Today, we strolled around Robinson's Galleria. And what better way to satisfy our want for Japanese stuff but to go to Saizen! Thankfully, they have a lot more for sale now!
All items - Php85 each
Ehehehehee... I got a pack of dashi too!

cherry blossom hand soap which smells pretty relaxing...

Call me whatever, but this is the first time I actually saw Sakuma Drops! Makes me think about "Grave of the Fireflies"... T_T

yummy candies in all sorts of flavors

I love the rose pattern on this fabric...

...which is an apron! Although to be honest, I 'm not really much of a cook...

Sometimes, I'm thinking that I should stop buying things which I wouldn't actually use. Demo, I can't help it!

That's it for now! Ja ne!


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