Rina-chan's Thoughts On: Purederm 3-in-1 Beauty Magic BB Cream


Today, I'm gonna tell you guys what I think about Purederm 3-in-1 Beauty Magic BB Cream (yeah, like it's not pretty obvious in the post title, ne? LOLZ!)...

It's not too long ago when I started joining the BB cream craze (talk about the effects of reading beauty blogs), and this is my first one! I've heard a lot of good reviews about it, and I think I was mesmerized by the gorgeous pink and silver tube at the time, heehee...

I'm not exactly a foundation-type girl, and I would only use one for special occasions since it felt heavy on my face. Also, I only use pressed powder before I go out but felt something was lacking as my skin is really dull. So it was really a joy when I discovered this product as it was able to address those issues. Yay!

Purederm says: "Moisturizes and protects your stressed skin. With SPF30 PA++, it blocks out UV A and B rays from the sun. It’s waterproof feature makes sure that the 3-in-1 attributes remain against water and sweat. Enriched with natural and herbal tea extracts increases skin elasticity and improves skin conditioning."

When I started using it, I was really amazed as it felt really light on my face. Not cakey or heavy as with most foundations. It made my skin even-toned, and has medium coverage. But I think (think because I don't have solid proof...) one of the best things it did is to slowly diminish the faint (but still unsightly) red veins on the right side of my face! I don't remember when I started having them and I've been using the same face products but nothing helped. I began using this around December of 2010 and it was not until mid this year that I noticed the red veins became less noticeable, even without makeup! Sugoi! I mean, they're still there but at least they don't freak me out anymore!
blended on the right side of my hand

Price: P695 (50 mL) - purchased at SM Megamall

I like...
     ... that it has a yellowish tone, I think it suits most Asian skin.
     ... its consistency; easy to blend and evens out my skin tone.
     ... the size of the tube opening; the amount of product it squeezes out can be easily controlled.
     ... that a little goes a long way; this is my only tube and I've been using it since December last year!
     ... that it doesn't have any terrible scent (no scent at all, in fact)
     ... that it's affordable.
     ... the girly pink packaging!
I don't like...
     ... the fact that it can't really control the oil on my face (uhm, sometimes I think it's just me as I have super oily skin! fuuuuuu... )
     ... it's staying power is only a few hours on me (again, because of my oily skin) so I just set it with pressed or loose powder.

Purederm 3-in-1 Magic BB Cream on my face. Please excuse the horrible eye bags and dark circles... T_T

Tonikaku, as you can see it has a lot more pros than cons, and I actually love this product! Although I'm still in the process of trying other BB creams out there (such as Etude House's) so I won't be purchasing this one for the meantime.

Well, that's it for now... Ja ne!


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