Finally! New ear piercing ~


Thank God it's Thursday already! Just one more day of the usual grind and I get to rest again (well, after finishing the weekly house chores...)

When I was in my high school and early college years, I don't really care about earrings or piercings. Although I do have a piercing on each ear, I leave them alone. In fact, I hate putting on earrings back then.So I'm not really sure when I started to become curious, and one piercing became two, then three (on my right ear). Probably when I was in my late college years, when I began appreciating alternative music, wearing rugged clothes and Chuck Taylors, all angsty and a bit rebellious haha!

I left my left ear (pun intended, harhar!) with only 2 piercings as I want (reeaally want) a third one on the upper part of the earlobe, where the soft cartilage is. And today, I finally got it!

It didn't hurt much in my opinion, but as you can see, that part of my ear is still red... Honestly, I was a bit nervous but I tried my best to divert my attention so I wouldn't feel the pain and I think it worked, teehee!Only paid Php150 for the pair of studs, which I got at justgift Robinsons Galleria, and the piercing service is free... I was with Marnie, and I gave her the other stud as I only used one. Ekai was there too, but she is not a fan of piercings, LOL! The girl at the store told me not to remove this for a month or else, I have to withstand the pain (uh-oh...) but I guess that shouldn't be a problem.

The piercings stop here, I'm satisfied now!

Next, a sakura tree tattoo!

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  1. Is there much if any reference for facial or cool piercings throughout history in Europe?