Otaku Alert! Gods will fall. Humanity will rise.

This is the tagline of probably one of my most favorite games on PSP, Gods Eater Burst!

And I finally finished it, yatta! By the end of the game, my character onihime is a scout lieutenant.

I managed with only Tsumugari, Rustungen+, and Bugle Gun N (BTW, I almost never use guns...), 'cause I still lack a lot of items to make more badass equipment. Fuuuuu...

I love buster swords...

I always describe it as a 'toned-down' version of Monster Hunter. I guess I haven't played much MH to say but that is my first impression upon laying my hands on GEB. Honestly, I like this one better but hey, as I say, 'to each his own'.

I loved customizing the character, weapons, and whatnot, although sometimes they can be a pain in the butt. Heck, I haven't really understood bullet creation that much even if I tried... The missions and monsters can get a wee bit tedious and repetitive, but my main gripe is the camera! You have to use the D-pad to control it, and it's such a hassle to try and use it the same time as the analog stick. Some people do 'claw- or crab-handling' but I find it so uncomfortable.

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Annoyances aside, what gets the + on my book are the intriguing storyline and diverse characters (I like Lindow the most), the actual gameplay and the balanced AI. Oh, of course the graphics and soundtrack too! And with the numerous hours I spent on this, needless to say, I love Gods Eater Burst to bits and I definitely recommend it...Time to wait for God Eaters 2!

If this piqued your interest, you may want to visit IGN or Gamespot Asia for more info.

Here are the video, lyrics and translation of the game's opening theme.

Over the Clouds -BURST mix- by alan
(credits to lordphr0zen for the lyrics)

Kanashimi ni nureta tsuki ga shizuka ni
Daichi wo akaku akaku somete kieru

Boku no koe ga kikoemasu ka?
Satsubatsu to shita kono jidai de boku wa boku de iraremasu ka?

Kokoro afuredasu namida wa
Kitto mirai wo motometeru akashi na no
Boroboro ni natta hane demo
Dareka wo omou sono kimochi ga aru nara

Donna kurushimi ni mukatte mo tonde yukeru sa
You can get over, over the clouds
You can get over, over the clouds

Nagaruru chishio wa inochi no hikari
Yami yo ni tomoru wa inochi no hikari


The moon is soaked in sadness
It quietly paints the land red and disappears

Can you hear my voice?
Can I stay myself in this bloodthirsty era?

The tears that overflow your heart
Are surely proof of your wish for a future
If you still hold feelings for someone
Even though your wings have become tattered

You can fly away no matter what pain you might face
You can get over, over the clouds
You can get over, over the clouds

The light of life is a flood of emotions
The light of life is lit in the dark night


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