“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

So says George Elliot, and I believe him...

I was searching for my Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth walkthrough (which I lost to Ondoy, as I later realized) when I stumbled upon my old drawings. Seeing them again made me feel nostalgic, and then it hit me: what would you do when you lost your passion for doing something you love?

Back to my high school and college days, I was passionate about drawing, particularly anime characters. I'd collect photo cards and stuff (a bit rare during that time) so I can use them as reference, including the local comics. And they inspired me so much to plan and take the same route as the illustrators. It really felt good when I complete an artwork, or when my classmates would ask me to draw for them.

I planned to take up Fine Arts in college, but instead I went for an Engineering course (long story...). I continued to draw, only to stop once I joined the workforce. I started losing the drive and interest the more I became busier and my mind got preoccupied with other things. In rare occasions I still dabbled in drawing, even buying new materials, but I haven't finished them. Now I feel so sad when I think what would have happened had I pursued my passion...

I found some help from the internet:

What to Do If You Have Lost the Passion to Paint (which I think can also apply to simple drawing)

Chibi-Sailor Senshi. Using colored pens at the time.

Image on the logo of the PS1 game Elemental Gearbolt. I originally wanted this to be printed on a shirt, but now I fancy having it as a tattoo.

My college classmates photocopy some of my drawings. I left the originals and my other works in Bulacan.

Safety, from Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety. I find her to be uber cute!

One of the last few unfinished. Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII.

I never stopped watching anime or reading manga and looking at artbooks, just to keep whatever I can. And seeing my old drawings, I feel somehow it helped bring back some of that passion. My first step? I got myself a new sketchpad! Now, I am considering studying again. So wish me luck!

Because yes, it is never too late to be what you might have been.

Ja ne!


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