Japanese Snacks on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

Konnichiwa! Fuuu... Feeling so lazy today. Woke up around noon, had lunch, and now I'm snacking on Japanese stuff. Gomen ne, I'm such a glutton...

My favorite is Pocky, especially the Chocolate flavor! I recently discovered that SM supermarkets sell these in 'gift boxes', 4 packs with different flavors. The least one I like is Choco-Banana...

Pocky madness!

Chocolate, Milk, Choco-Banana, and Strawberry

I also love Apollo (why they named it as such, I don't know... same thing with Pocky...), strawberry-chocolate melt-in-your-mouth confections.

 There's also Hello Panda. I really like the chocolate filling bursting from the shortbread shell!

Pandas are super-kawaii!

And what better way to wash these off than with a hot cup of milk tea!

 snacking while watching Fairy Tail, heehee...

Ayt! That's it for now... Ja ne!

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