Getting Ready for the Christmas Party! Part 1

Would you believe it? Time flies so fast it's already mid-November and before you know it, Christmas time is coming and so are parties here and there!

Our company Christmas party is on December 03, a tad too early if you ask me... And the theme for this year is glam rock! Haa... Easy for me as I'm a typical rocker girl. I'm planning to keep it simple with pieces I know I can use repeatedly and be incorporated into casual outfits. White tank top, black hoodie, shorts, thigh-high socks and Chuck Taylors, some silver accessories.

Here are some of my inspirations:
photo credits to Twiggy Teeluck

photo credits to MSignature

image via Google

Ageha mag scan. Outfit on the top right.

I'm also inspired by the outfits Chai wore on her posts here and here. I really love her blog!

I already have the hoodie and socks, and some of the accessories. I'll be buying the rest probably next week.

Aa!~ I'm feeling kinda excited now!

Ja ne!


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