Getting Ready for the Christmas Party! Part 2

Okay, I'm done with planning my outfit... Next is makeup!

I want to emphasize my eyes with circle lenses and false lashes, but I also want to rock red lips! Guess I have to choose one, unless I want to look like a total clown! Aa~ Doushio... Anyway, I've decided to do my own makeup this time! I've had enough of my fair share of disastrous experiences with makeup by some beauty salons that made me look like a drag queen... Fuuuu... So here are my inspirations.

Total rocker makeup. Heey~ We have the same name!

I also love this makeup look!

More natural-looking makeup

Aa~ This is a totally kawaii look!

Credits to Laurita for the Popsister and Ageha mag scans.

Hope I can copy these makeup looks... Gotta practice hard!


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