Happy Friday Payday! ^___^

Yesterday, me and Ekai set on our 'journey' to complete the things we'll need for our upcoming Christmas party. Yatta!

First stop is St. Francis Square for my tank top and denim shorts, and black thigh-high socks for both of us (sorry, no photos). Ekai also got a bead necklace and as for me... silver necklace with dog tags! Also purchased a set Dynamic Stackable Rings from Avon (black, pink, and silver). Funny thing is, I ordered from a catalogue with no sample and they only have size 6, but I was like "What the heck? I really wanna have it so go ahead!"
And you know how horrible it is sometimes to order from a brochure (mismatched makeup shades, clothing that doesn't fit well, you get my drift...). But, to my surprise, the rings fit my finger perfectly! LUC-KY!

For that rocker vibe!

Avon Dynamic Stackable Rings - Oops, sorry I forgot the price. Ehehehe...
Silver dog tags necklace - Php180

Then we went to SM Megamall for some of the makeup we'll need... Ohohohoho!

Tony Moly virgin no more! I really like their nice and helpful SAs, they really know their products and will give suggestions without pushing you to buy something you don't really need.
Unfortunately, the Tony Tint is out of stock. Fuuuuu... The SA suggested the Water Jelly Tint which I went ahead and purchased since the color looks good when I tested it, just perfect!
Also got a pack of blotting sheets for my super-duper oily face, and doing so made me shell out a bit more than Php500 which entitled me to a Tony Moly card. Cool!

Yay for freebies!

Oil Blotting Film - Php178
Water Jelly Tint (Pomegranate) - Php348
Tony Moly card and Intense Repair Live Snail Cream freebie!

Perfect shade for me, thanks to the SA

Fanny Serrano 2-way Cake in Duchess - Php399

Final stop is Etude House. Too bad I forgot my Pink Card, fuuuu...

Love the falsies...

Makeup sponges - Php98
Soft Touch Auto Lipliner  - Php98
False Eyelashes (Natural) - Php98

Aaand... look what came today! My new pair of Princess Mimi Sesame Gray lenses from JapaneseCandy!
Just in time since the Christmas party is next Saturday, but I'm so excited I'm gonna be wearing these on Monday...

JRS is very efficient! My package arrived after a day...

JapaneseCandy includes a receipt now, and the lenses as usual, is very safe with all that bubble wrap!

So glad there is an onhand stock with my grade...

I super like the design and color!

Well, that's it for this long post! Will try to do some reviews soon...
Ja ne!


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