Oishi! ~ More Japanese Snacks

I'm back here in Manila for another week of work, then I'm off again to Bulacan for our New Year celebration... Huzzah! I already miss my 'eat-sleep-read-sleep-eat' lifestyle (good heavens, forgive me), and my sister's cooking. I could almost swear I'll never get starved there... Anyway, now that I'm back here, I'll have to do the cooking myself (or is it Paul? Mehehehe...).

I got back here yesterday and I was supposed to go to work today, had it not been for a little accident. I got three of the fingers on my right hand jammed while shutting the door of the van I rode in. Itai! Yeah, yeah... that's so stupid of me, but accidents happen y'know.

They're still swollen and hurt a bit, especially the knuckles, but now I can manage typing slowly. I was kinda bored earlier and since I can't play bass for now, I turned to my next favorite thing to do. Eating!

Here are other Japanese snacks I currently love. Got them from my last trip to Japan Home Centre in Greenhills.

Choco Pie love!

Choco Pie reminds me of Fibisco Choco Mallows, heehee! It's got white marshmallow sandwiched in soft cakes, covered with chocolate... So delicious!

This one is Mochi Choco Pie. It's chewy mochi with sweet Tiramisu cream filling, then covered with chocolate. Yummeh! So you should know by now that I'm a sucker for anything chocolate-covered, haha!

Calories galore... Better enjoy it while the holidays last!

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Holiday Greetings! ^__^

Happy Holidays minna-san

I'm spending my Christmas with my family here in Bulacan, and I'm loving it!
Just a quick post to greet everyone a Merry Christmas... Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

God bless us all...

And while we're at it, might as well have a rockin' good time! Leaving you with a cute K-On greeting...


Otaku Alert! Black Gold Saw Nendoroid

I'm starting a new 'segment' for my posts today! I named it Otaku Alert as I'll be posting (read: spamming) photos of stuff related to anime-, manga-, and game-dom (LOLZ!) like this one.

This is a Nendoroid I acquired from my recent trip to Greenhills. Please take note that most of my figures are bootleg, 'cause honestly I don't have enough moolah to shell out on authentic (albeit expensive) ones. Please don't get mad at me, heehee... If it is of any importance, I still choose and scrutinize the items I'm purchasing (maselan din naman ako, hihi...), and I pick ones that are not in-your-face fake (e.g. sloppy paint job, missing parts).

Ok, on with the post. I really like Nendos, tottemo kawaii desu yo! And here is Black Gold Saw, a character in the OVA Black Rock Shooter.

Black Gold Saw (ブラックゴールドソ) is shown in the first part of the OVA doing battle with Black Rock Shooter. She has red eyes and long black hair. Similar to Black Rock Shooter, she has been depicted as having a red flame that burns from her right eye. She has two dark red horns and also has gauntlets similar to Dead Master's. Her outfit is similar to Black Rock Shooter's except for the design of her jacket and her bikini top; her jacket extends into a worn-out cape which is dyed red at the end. Her primary weapon is her "King Saw", a very large curved sword with a saw-like back edge. She defeats Black Rock Shooter and gives her her distinctive scar under her left breast.

(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Black_Rock_Shooter_characters)

 I already have Black Rock Shooter, so next imma get me a Dead Master Nendo!

Ja ne!

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Have a good week ahead!