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Saw this post on Miss Gale's blog, and the questions got me interested. So here I am, answering them!

1--Thing you cannot leave the house without?

2--Favorite brand of makeup?
I'd have to say... Majolica Majorca.

3--Favorite flower?

4-- Fave clothing store?
I'm not into a particular brand or store as I just wear anything that's comfy and look on good on me.

5--Favorite perfume?
I looove the scent of Majo Majo's Majoromantica F... So sweet-smelling! I also like Silver Dust from Bench, it makes me sparkle, literally... LOLZ!

6--Heels or flats?
Flats. But then again, you'll rarely see me in those as I'm loyal to my Chucks.

7--Do you make good grades?
I believe yes, when I was still in school. My parents and my aunt were a bit strict with my studies, and you can say I was somehow pressured to get good grades and be in the honors list... Except when I was in college. Heehee...

8--Favorite colors?
Pink and white and black.

9--Do you drink energy drinks?

10--Do you drink juice?
Yeah, preferably mango or apple. I don't really like orange juice...

11--Do you like swimming?
Waaah! I don't even know how to swim...

12--Do you eat fries with a fork?
Duh, better eaten using fingers.

13--Favourite moisturizer?
I'm not using any moisturizer right now, but I plan to try Etude House AC Clinic Gel Lotion. I have really oily skin, eww...

14--Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yeah, when I'm all ready!

15--Do you get mad easily?
Depending on the situation. But I know I can get bitchy and quick-tempered. Sometimes. Heheh...

16--Are you into Ghost Hunting?
Gah, no!

17-- Any phobias?
Snakes! Even just typing the word, I hate it! I also fear lightning when I'm in an open space.

18--Do you bite your nails?

19--Have you ever had a near death experience?
Oh no! I'm actually a bit curious as to what happens and how it feels, but I pray nothing like that happens to me...

20--Do you drink coffee?
Hell, yeah! Sometimes I drink coffee 2-4x a day. Not good, heheh...

I tag everyone who bumps into my blog and sees this post. Hahaa!


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