My 2012 Wishlist...

ctually, these are just some of them. Ehehehe...

Heat Press
For T-shirt and mug printing. Business purposes, heehee.
I'm also aiming to learn silkscreen printing.

Squier Badtz Maru Bronco Bass Guitar OR Fender Precision Bass Sunburst
I soooo wanted to have the Badtz Maru even before I learned to play. It's just super-kawaii!
Well, I guess you could say it's a part of what inspired me to learn bass, haha! Too bad, I think it was already discontinued... Else, I'd settle for a sunburst. I find this color really bad-ass looking! Ai-chan was supposed to be a sunburst, hadn't it been for some annoying staff at JB Music (Ok, long story but... Grrr... It still irks me up to this day.) -- so then my Ai-chan became a candy apple red bass.

Canon A3300
 'Cause I need a good camera! A couple months back, Paul's Canon 450D (and my PSP) got stolen. Fuuuuu... Which is also the reason why I can't take decent photos for blog posts recently. I'd love to get my hands on another DSLR, but the price is so damn steep. I've read reviews for this one and I must say I'm gonna love this (Work bonus, where are you???)

Sony PlayStation Portable
In Piano Black. Please refer to the Canon story. I effin' miss my Persona 3 Portable and God Eaters Burst... Argh!

Nokia 3710 or Nokia C2-03
I'm not picky when it comes to phones, as long as it has color screen, mp3 player, decent cam, allows me to text and call, that's it! I like the 3710 because it's fold-type, like the ones I see in anime. Hehehe... Meanwhile, I also like the C2-03 for its touch-and-type capability.

To add up to my growing collection. I have my eyes set on Dead Master, Strength (both from Black Rock Shooter) and Yui, Tsumugi, Ritsu (from K-On!).

More Rilakkuma stuff
No explanation needed. Gah! *faints*

photo credits: Beauty and Minerals

Charm Travel Pro V3 Makeup Brush Set
The only makeup-related item in the list (so far), heheheh... I've been seeing so many rave reviews for this!

Alright, so I guess this means gotta work harder to make this list come true. But it wouldn't definitely hurt to receive these as gifts... Dessho?


  1. Fender Precision Bass Sunburst is my dream BASS :'D
    I hope that all of these wishes will come true to you,and you will receive them as presents ^^
    Ja ne :3

  2. Heheh, I really like that too so I'm now saving up for it.
    Aww... Thanks so much! =3

  3. Heheh, I really like that too so I'm now saving up for it.
    Thanks so much! =3