New Digicam + New Circle Lenses = LOVE!~


These came in more than a week ago, but I'm still so happy and giddy like a kid!

One of the items in my wishlist came true upon the arrival of Sakura-chan, my Canon A3300 IS! All thanks to my superfriend Erika-neechan, weeee! We still can't afford a new SLR now but after reading reviews and seeing the specs and sample photos of this one, I was definitely sold. I originally wanted it in black but unfortunately (or is it?), this is the remaining stock. And it's in pink! I'm starting to love it!All the photos in this post are from this camera... LOVE!

Super duper metallic pink power! LOLZ!

Also got a new pair of Princess Mimi lenses from JapaneseCandy, this time in Chocolate. I didn't do a separate review because it's pretty much the same as my Sesame Gray in terms of design, comfort, and enlargement. It's just that I love this color more!

The pattern. Sorry if my eye scared you, heheh...

Natural indoor light

Artificial light

With flash


Thank you Lord... There's a lot more to come!

Ja ne!


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