30-Day Song Challenge: Day 02


Hmm... I'm greeting with a "Good morning" even though this post is not-so-good. Yeah, right.

Day 02: Your least favorite song.

"Rap Das Armas (Parapapapa)" by Cidinho and Doca.

Gah! This is probably my effin' hardest post to date. First of all, the rule confused me a bit. I'm not sure if it's asking for a song which is in the bottom of my favorites list (err, which is also hard), or my most-hated song. I just chose the latter. Ohohoho~

You know, I can't really describe how I abhor this song (call me exaggerated). Imagine, I don't know the actual title and the artist of this song until today that I searched it on Google. Which is a painful and awkward process, you get what I mean... It reminds me of those annoying patok jeepneys with blaring, headache-inducing sounds from cheap speakers. When I start to hear it, it makes me want to immediately grab my own earphones and put my mp3 player on full volume (barring getting deaf of course). And when someone I know sings the 'parapapapa' part, I let my inner bitch take over and tell them how irritating it is. And that I'll smack them right up if they don't stop, which is effective by the way...

I'm never gonna post the video or the mp3 so please spare me and just search it on the web if you wanna hear it...

Okay, there goes my mini-rant. Whew!

Ja ne!

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