30-Day Song Challenge: Day 04

Day 04: A song that makes you sad.

"Best I Ever Had" by Vertical Horizon.

Dunno why. It's probably the music. It's probably the lyrics. Or both. Honestly, I was listening to this while writing this post and I started sniffing and get all teary-eyed. I'm sure it's not caused by my current bout with cold...

Well, if I look at it deeper, it may be so that I was actually able to relate to the lyrics' meaning, at some point in my life. Love, as it is about. Or maybe I'm just too emo, hahaa! Either way, this is one song that never fails to break my heart...

(credits to ISincerity for the video with the amazing photos)

Just listen to the music and see the lyrics. I'm sure you'll get what I mean...

Ja ne!

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