Bonding Over Hair Coloring ~

Another hair-related post!

More than a week ago, I got my best girlfriends over at my place for some quality girls-only time. We enjoyed catching up on each others' lives: about work, love, and life in general. But of course, girl bondings are never complete without hair and makeup sessions!

Remember I purchased Kolours in Blue Black from my January haul. Well, what better time to use it than this while I've got my BFFs in the house! It's definitely a lot of fun and their help made the process easier!

For reference, this is my hair before.

It became a tad lighter with tinges of brown due to chemical treatments from the past couple of years. I'd been thinking of coloring it brown before and considering buying Etude House's kit, but I was a bit afraid it might not look good on me. When I read Miss Louise's post a few weeks back, it made me decide to go for blue black, a more sensible choice for me.

Kolours is a locally-made product, from Splash. And I like the fact that it's affordable. The kit comes with everything you'll need, and the instructions are easy to follow. No allergic reactions whatsoever even though I left the solution on my hair 10 minutes longer, and it didn't aggravate my hair fall problem.

This is my hair after the process...
The change in color (especially this being blue-black) is oh-so subtle and not many people noticed it, but that's just the way I like it.

With my pretty BFFs Cyndi and Christine

Actually, I'm still open to the idea of brown hair (dark or natural, I haven't really thought of yet), possibly in the future. But for now, I'm absolutely loving my super black hair! Ohohoho~

Ja ne!

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  1. Where did you buy this shade? I've been looking for ne some how I can't find it here n baguio