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Literally. Imagine me looking like Yui (sans the guitar) just lying in bed near a pile of tissue. Actually, I rarely get sick but for the past two weeks, I've been like this. Last week, it was pharyngitis; this week, it's sinusitis and upper respiratory infection. Gah! I seriously need to take care of my body more...

I got 2 days sick leave last week and I was able to get back to work but just after Valentine's... BAM! I caught a bad case of cold and headache. I even went to work this Wednesday all made up including my favorite circle lenses and eyeliner, but with all that nose-blowing and watery eyes, I looked like a total s**t by mid-shift. I have to keep breathing through my mouth,'cause my nose is already stuffed (which is a humongous red tomato at that point), and even my skin started peeling off.Argh! Believe me, I was not a pretty sight at that time. Ekai even said I looked like a zombie!
And I was able to prove that even Majo Majo's Perfect Automatic Liner isn't so, well, "cold-proof"... Ohohoho...

So since yesterday, I'm back to my bed with tissue and water as my buddies. And it's kinda hard 'cause I'm away from my family, that means I'm in charge of taking care of myself. Aww... Good thing I have Paul and my friends in the same apartment building who help me. Tee-hee!

I just take this as an opportunity to get all the rest I can, away from the stress of work. I'm feeling a bit better now (I still have cold, cough, and sore throat), but it allows me to update my blog, edit my photos, do anime marathons (not too much though), and even practice bass (uhm yeah, I guess you can refer to Yui's photo again, meheheheh...).

Still, nothing beats a healthy and sickness-free body. Right?

Ja ne!


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