30-Day Song Challenge: Day 25

Day 25: A song that makes you laugh.

"It's You" -- original song by Super Junior. But in this case, it's Super Jologs!

SUJU fans, please do not be offended. No harm meant. This is all for fun, and of course, for this challenge's sake.

My reason for picking this song: I don't really know or remember a song that makes me laugh. Smile, yes. But outright laughter??? No! That is, until I saw this parody video while watching the comedy/gag show Loko Moko High. Have I piqued your interest now? Haha! Please continue and watch the video below...

(credits to ZenBasera for the video)

See what I mean??? Hahahaha! The actual song being played is It's You, sung by Super Junior. But the lyrics on the video are not the literal translation of the Korean words. Nuh-uh... Rather, they are random Filipino and English words and phrases which, when sung or spoken altogether, do not make any sense! Although they do 'sound' similar to the Korean lyrics. Ah~ I hope you get what I mean...

With phrases like "glue-gun glue-gun buhay ko nagising panot ako", "nagsarahan the market san pa ba may market, "sigarilyong hapon"... Hahahahaaa! Add to that, those wacky guys who amp up the humor factor x1000. C'mon! Who wouldn't cry and get side stitches laughing???

But guess what, because of this parody, It's You became my favorite SUJU song (even though I'm still not a fan)...

Ja ne!

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