Bonding over Japanese food, arcade, &... The Hunger Games!


This was what got me excited and a bit motivated the past week: Saturday! Aa~ St. Francis and SM Megamall, we met again. Hisashiburi da na! I missed both of you. LOL...

Went on a sorta double date -- Me and Paul, with Erika-neechan and Bryan. Nothing fancy. Just a bit of shopping (at least for us girls, ohoho~), grabbed a bite to eat, hit the arcade, and watched a movie. But I'm definitely HAP-PY!

Warning: Photo-heavy post. Hee-hee...

A bit of camwhoring before heading out. Oh yeah, my lips scream RED! Hahaa!

We met at St. Francis, where we purchased some cute items we're planning to use for our outfits this coming Friday. So excited! Then we headed to SM Megamall where our first stop was Bench. I bought a clutch bag for Paul (a super late birthday gift...) and my fave scent Silver Dust.
And since we haven't had lunch yet (oh, it was already around 5pm for goodness' sake!), we found our way to Yoshinoya. We're actually okay with anything / anywhere to eat but I could only suggest Japanese fast food. And who can blame me? Eheheh...

It was such a gloomy day -- dark clouds, rain, and all. Normally, I don't go out in this kind of bed-weather, but this was an exception. And I liked it.

Bryan and his 'bunso' Ekai (aww...)

Me (and my siopao face) and Paul (aww...)

I love their apple green tea. I've yet to try the plain green flavor. For the meal, we all had the same -- mixed tempura bento. Miso soup goes very well with it! And for dessert -- my new favorite, green tea ice cream. Oishii!

After that super-filling meal (my stomach was more than happy, hihi!), we purchased tickets for the movie and strolled around since it won't start until 8:20pm. Stopped by Comic Alley where I saw the Black Rock Shooter jacket I've been lemming for since last month! Unfortunately, I had to let it slip away for now since I'm gonna be short on moolah until the next payday. Argh! BRS jacket, just you wait and see. You're gonna be mine! Bwaahahahahaa! Urk... Also made a quick visit to Etude House. I got to use my pink card again, finally...

Killed time at Timezone (no pun intended, heehee).Spent a lot of TZ credits. We almost kissed the machines and took them home. LOL! Yeah, that's how addicted we are to DrumMania and GuitarFreaks.

And now, for the final event.

Aa~ The cinema was almost full when we got there, so we settled for the lower seats. Fuuu... It was just kinda annoying 'cause we've got (inconsiderate) people on both sides talking (sometimes laughing) loudly while watching the movie. Some girl even took calls on her mobile and we can hear her voice and all. Real bummer... Sorry for the rant. Anyway, good thing we didn't really let it prevent us from enjoying the film. Well, what can I say? The hype is all worth it! The Hunger Games is an absolutely great movie worth watching (in the cinema)! It just reminded me somehow of Battle Royale... And Katniss, you're now one of my girl-crushes.

Went home after that. Tired but happy!

My old pair of drumsticks. You've been my very good partner for the past couple of years. It was so nice playing with you again.

This film instantly made its way to my favorites list.

Curious about the blue floral bag?

KFC Kung Pao Supreme Bowl for take-out dinner. Tasty! And I bet chibi-L would agree, hahahaa!

Kyaa! Gomen for this super-lengthy post... But I'll be looking forward for more of this.

Ja ne!


  1. I really like your hairstyle!:)

  2. Why, thank you! =3
    It's a DIY hime cut which I'm loving, but my hair itself is in dire need of treatment. Haha!