Nani ka chigau ~


Consider this my first outfit post. Not that I'm sure there'd be a second or a third, but we'll see. Yesterday, I decided to wear a skirt. Yes, a skirt! The one I purchased last week. It's not that I haven't worn something like this before (elementary and high school days, anyone?), but this is probably the first time I sauntered in public and at the workplace clad in a shirt and a skirt.

My pegs...

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I imagined people's jaws dropping at the sight of me in a white skirt, and boy, was I right! Hahahaa! Sometimes, I just like surprising them. Think tomboy Rina, always in shirt-jeans-Chucks-leather cuff combo, now wearing girly stuff. Must be some miracle from the high heavens, LOL! Okay, blame my recent addiction in reading mori girl blogs (I love Chai so much!), which influenced me in some degree.

BTW, these were taken from the pseudo-photoshoot I had with Erika-neechan (had loads of fun!). Oh, how I miss that DSLR, fuuuu...

Black cat-print shirt and white maxi dress from St. Francis, Chucks-inspired slip-ons from Bench, black hairband, black-and-red bead bracelet made by Paul.

I consider this a far cry from what I've been used to, and it's kinda like a breath of fresh air. Made me realize that sometimes, trying something different and opening up yourself to possibilities is both challenging and rewarding. And guess what, I think I'm loving it...

Ja ne!


  1. cutie!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Ohoho~ Thanks a lot girl! Much love... =3