Pre-Weekend Stuff 2: Bestsellers, Saizen, and SM Cubao


It was a Friday-payday again yesterday for us. Having gone through that hell of a whole workweek, I think we deserve a treat. Retail therapy, that is!

After an hour of OT, we headed to Bestsellers Robinsons Galleria for magazines. I'm lemming for the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (since November) which is always sold out on most bookstores. I finally found one here for Php1200+ but wait, I've read in some other beauty blogs that they purchased it for Php700+. Aa~ doushite?? Anyway, I just got 2 issues of Otakuzine. Heck, I think I'm the only girl my age who reads these!

K-On! is one of my fave anime of all time. It's an inspiration for me in terms of music. Oh, and Blood-C? I'm not really sure if I liked it. I prefer Blood+.

Next stop is Saizen Alimall. Oh I love this store! Even though I don't really have something in mind to buy, I like strolling around here. What with so many quirky and kawaii finds, it's hard to resist. And I always end up buying something. Eheheh...

Magnetic stuffed tiger -- looks more like a zebra to me.Haha! A box of vegetable curry and a 4-pc pack of milk cocoa. Mmm...

It wouldn't be complete without any beauty stuff to get! Purchased these at SM Cubao.

From the Department Store. I wanna try out some other pink blushes, so I picked up Ever Bilena single blush in Pink Petal. I find the color so cute and girly... And two e.l.f. eyeshadow brushes, for experimenting and practicing eyemake.

From Watsons. Two Noveau hair clamps (perfect for my thick wavy hair), daily multivitamins, a pack of Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets, and the product that earns so many raves from beauty bloggers -- Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner. I just had to get one!

Lastly, made a quick stop to the grocery for some stuff. Got curious with this Meiji Strawberry Chocolate. Wonder if it tastes like Apollo? Hmm...

Ugh! So exhausted, but definitely happy and contented!

Leaving you with a pic of my haggard face. Ohoho~

Ja ne!

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