Random Monday...

Sometimes, I just like to take photos of the most random things that held my thoughts. Even for a moment.

My office workstation. I just love BECK, it inspired me musically.

My office tumbler. I love pink.

I almost never run out of chocolates to tide me over the stressful workdays.

Oh, summer is officially here. Halo-halo, why not??

I loved Flat Tops as a kid. And I still love them now.

My seemingly growing makeup collection. In the near future, I think I'm gonna need to get me a traincase. LOL...

Accessories made by Paul. Very lovely and very creative, if you'd ask me.

Accessories I wear almost everyday. I'm your silver-and-leather 'rocker' girl.

My new chromatic bass tuner. Also a guitar tuner. Also a violin tuner. Also a ukulele tuner. Ugh...The kid inside me loves the lights on the display, haha!

I prefer dark chocolate over others. Wait, this is 'black' chocolate. LOL...

Playing with Sakura-chan's sepia mode. I like the nostalgic, vintage feel.

 I think I'm getting good at it, haha! Yeah, right.

There you go. Some more random things to come.

 Ja ne!


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