Saturday Date Haul

Remember the blue floral bag in my previous post? Alright, be curious no more. Here is what's inside...

White maxi dress which can also be used as a skirt. I super love it! Ekai-neechan found it for me. It's so perfect for my planned outfit this Friday!

Black sleeveless top which I use underneath my gray wide-necked shirt and some low-necked tops.

Cat-printed black shirt. I like the cute princess-y feel of the other cats with silver lining! Okay, I love cats. Period.

All of them I got from random stores at St. Francis. I prefer shopping for clothes there as I get a lot of items without costing an arm and a leg...

Some other stuff, purchased at SM Megamall.

One of my favorite scents! Silver Dust from Bench. I'm not really sure how to describe its smell (blame my poor olfactory vocabulary), but it's warm -- sweet and girly. And I love the silver shimmers on my skin with every spray! Oh my, Edward Cullen is that you?? LOL!

Lip & Eye Remover (huh?), and Fresh Nailwash Safe (Sweet Floral) from Etude House. This is the first time I'm using them and I hope they work alright for me.

I'm really looking forward to wearing the maxi dress and the cat-print shirt! Will also try to make a review of the EH lip & eye makeup, and nail polish removers.

So, that's it for now!

Ja ne!


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