Trying Out Pure Beauty & Hime Cut ~

Hai desu! I finally gave in after thinking about trying Pure Beauty products... This is a hair and skin care line carried by Watsons and made in Korea.

Treatment Conditioner and Shampoo

Super Brightening Eye Gel

I've been reading rave reviews about these products (well, at least for their hair care line...) so I think it's high time for me to try them. Especially for me who is always on a quest to improve the condition of my hair and eye area. Ugh, it sucks! Oh well...

Another thing that sealed the deal: Pure Beauty has a promo for their products! I got the conditioner and the shampoo for only Php199 per 500mL pump bottle (I think the regular price is Php249). The eye gel is on a Buy 1 Take 1 deal (I gave the other one to my friend). Just how cool is that?

I'll be posting reviews. Excited! Tee-hee~

Next topic: I did something crazy with my hair again. Hahaa! Yes, I'm just like that. Tried a do-it-yourself hime cut! Well, I always cut my own bangs 'cause I think it's an utter waste of money to go to the salon just to get a fringe trim. But instead of scissors, I use a shaver. Yup, a blue Gillette one. I'm too scared of using a pair of scissors, I might cut more than I should and end up with God-knows-what. Gah! And this is easier for me. No special trick -- I just hold the part of my hair I wanna cut and shave it away.


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