J-Rock Sunday: Shissou by LAST ALLIANCE

Ohayou, minna-san!

You know, one of the things I do when watching a new anime is to go through its opening and ending themes. That's how I get to know new Japanese bands and their songs. Take for example, this song by LAST ALLIANCE.

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I first heard it as the ending for Ouran High School Host Club a couple years back. It was so catchy, has just the perfect rock sound for me, and I find Ryusuke Anzai's voice very fitting for this band and their kind of music. Well, what do you know... After acquiring the mp3 for this particular piece, I went ahead and indulged myself in getting ALL of their singles and albums. Man, I was never disappointed after listening to almost all of the tracks. I absolutely recommend this band to J-Rock fans!

(credits to aiblaq for the video)

"Shissou" [Sprint]

Gosen (5000) MAIRU hashitte iki wo kirashite
ADORENARIN hyaku (100) RITTORU go (5) tai subete FURU kadou
Koko made kureba ii darou? Doko made ga OK?
Machi wo irodoru kigi wa moyougae kurikaeshiteru

Kawari hateta shirosa kawarenai yowasa
Ima koko ni iru jibun wo shinjitai

Migite hidarite furikazashite yami wo kirisaite GO!
Itsuwari wa nai ze kakugo kimeteru ze
SUTAATO kitto sono shunkan kara sekai wa hirogarusa

Mabataki wo kurikaesu furuku iroaseta
Gaitou ni michibikare itsumo no kaerimichi wo yuku

Sabireta machi ni natsukashii kaze ga fuki
Tooi kaze ni natte senaka osunda

Namida kareru made sono akirame mune ni shimatte STOP!
GOORU wa nai ze orikaeshi mo nai ze
Kaze wo kitte kakenukeru kagirinai shissou

Yume tojikometa PANDORA no hakou

Sente gote dochira to te KOMA susumerya banji OK!
Yasunde mo ii ze ore wa shitteru ze
Koko made no PUROSESU sore ga kimi no akashisa

Migite hidarite furikazashite yami wo kirisaite GO!


I'm out of breath after running 5000 miles
With 100 liters of adrenaline, I'm at 5 times full power
How much further is good? How far would be OK?
The pattern of the town's trees is getting repetitive

The whiteness that has changed, the weakness that hasn't
I want to believe in the me that's here and now

Raise your left and right hands and pierce through the darkness, GO!
There are no lies, I've decided it
As soon as you cross the starting line the world will open up to you

Flickering over and other until they fade away
The ancient streetlights lead me on my usual way

A nostalgic wind blows through this rusty town
It becomes a tailwind that pushes my back forward

Until your tears dry up, get rid that resignation in your heart, STOP!
There is no goal, there's no coming back
Eternally sprinting, cutting through the wind

Let's return those bitter days, can you open it?
Your dreams are locked inside Pandora's box  

Whether you make the first or second move, you must move forward, OK!
It's good to rest a bit, I know that
The process of how I've made it up to here is your proof

Raise your left and right hands and pierce through the darkness, GO!

Ja ne!

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