NYX Round Lipsticks in Tea Rose and Eros

A fact about rina-chan: If there's only one makeup item I could use, that would be a no-brainer for me. My answer is lipstick.

You see, I have pale lips -- yeah, the kind that makes me look ghastly sick if it does not have one bit of color. That's why whenever I go out (and that includes going on simple errands), I make sure to swipe at least a tinted lip balm. Seems that I'm sorta having an addiction to it now, and my lippies collection is pretty much growing! I add to that these two gorgeous shades from NYX.

I got both of them from Digital Traincase at their physical store in Eton Cyberpod, which is only a few cartwheels away from our office. Yes, that's exaggerated. But still, luc-ky! I just love this store.

Tonikaku, I got myself two NYX Round Lipsticks in Tea Rose and Eros.

Let's start with Tea Rose. Oh, how I love those MLBB shades, and this is definitely one of them. It's got that pretty pink color which is great for everyday look Safe and simple. Now I know why this shade is a hit among beauty bloggers.

[Not a big deal, but pardon the lip swatches above. They're taken on two different occasions -- my lips in the angled shot are kinda dry while the one above that is not (which I took when I was sick). I don't know why my lips are fuller and smoother when I'm not feeling well. Meheheh...]

On the other hand, I've been on a lookout for that perfect red lipstick -- Which is why I got Eros, a fire-engine red shade. Actually, I'm gunning for Electra, but they don't have it in stock at the time. Oh well, daijoubu desu yo... Eros to the rescue! To be honest, I rarely wear red lip color outside, no matter what the occasion is. I've always been shy. Really. But it seems I acquired enough guts and spunk this year that I decided "what the heck, let's do that!"... Ohoho~

BTW, this is what I used for my Hunger Games movie date look...


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