Rina-chan's Thoughts On: Ever Bilena Single Blush-On


Sunday is coming to an end, and once again, tomorrow is the start of a new workweek. Oh, how I wish restdays were longer... *le sigh*
Okay, enough ranting. Heheh...

Ever Bilena is one of the first local makeup brands I tried, and I always go back to it. With its affordable but quality items, why not? And its blushes are no exception. Ever since I learned how to put on makeup, I rely on EB to put color on my cheeks. Of course I love my Majo Majo Puff de Cheek, but let's just say I'll always have an EB blush in my kit. First ones I've tried were Cheek Blushes in Honest and Raisin.

I was looking for a more pink blush, when this caught my eye and eventually became part of my haul. This is Ever Bilena Single Blush-On in Pink Petal. The color is true to its name! It's a pretty cool pink which I think suits medium to fair skin. LOVE!

Instead of a box, it comes sealed in plastic.

Shade name, ingredients, and other product details. Ooh, Vitamin E!

Love that pink!

The product up-close.

Hand swatch.

And the obligatory selca showing the blush's color on my cheeks. I just applied them lightly here. Don't wanna look like an overdone Barbie now, do we?

Price: Php110 for 4g - purchased at SM Cubao Department Store

I like...
     ...the color! Perfect pink for those days when you wanna be all dolled up. Kirei da ne?
     ...the awesome pigmentation! I just need to lightly dip the brush in the pan, tap it a bit and apply it on my cheeks. It gives enough color, and makes one pan last a long, long time.
     ...that it's so affordable.

I'm neutral about...
     ...its staying power. But I guess 2 to 4 hours is okay. It's not really a bother for me to reapply it.
     ...the lack of mirror in the packaging. Then again, what else can I ask for the price? And if ever, where will they put it? Duh...

I don't like...
     ...the twist-type cover, which could be a hassle sometimes.I prefer flip-type ones.

Overall, I find it a great product, as with all the other EB blushes I've tried! Highly-recommended. And it should be enough reason for me to repurchase. I wanna try the Rose shade...

Alright, that's all for now.

Ja ne!


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