Avon Dual-Ended Lipstick & Lip Gloss in Berry + Peach Shine


A new lippie post! It seems I will never get enough of lipsticks and glosses. Everytime I look at an Avon brochure, I'm always tempted to buy at least one lip product. I'm only able to stop myself when I realize I probably have one too many of these that I don't even get to use all of them. And heck, I need to -- or else I'll just be flushing money down the drain...

Anyway, I decided to get their Dual-Ended Lipstick & Lip Gloss to satisfy myself. Eheheh... This one caught my attention mainly because of the lovely color, and it was on sale at the time.

The lipstick is Berry while the lip gloss is Peach Shine. I love the lipstick's peachy-pink color, very natural-looking and perfect for day makeup. It has a satin finish with a hint of shimmer. It looks really flattering and I think it'll suit anyone. The formula is quite moisturizing in my opinion, and lasting power is pretty okay. I also like the lip gloss, the peach nude shade is pretty even when worn alone. It's got a beautiful shimmer for that perfect pout, eheheh... And it's not that sticky. Depending on my mood, I use either the color or the gloss alone. But of course, it's best to use them together. Don't you think?

Lipstick alone...

Lip gloss alone...

Lipstick + Lip gloss...

The convenience of this product is definitely a plus -- a single tube housing the lip color on one end, with the gloss on the other. However, I have a tiny bit of problem with the packaging. The Avon print on the tube fades quickly, making it look cheap. And what's more, the twisting mechanism for the lipstick stopped working properly. I can twist it up, but it won't go down anymore, so I have to be careful or I'll waste the product. Shame...
Aa~ 仕方がない...

As for the price, it's absolutely affordable. The regular price is Php250 but I got it on sale for Php196. So I'm still happy, tee-hee!

 All in all, I still love this product and I'd recommend it!

Alrighty, done with one Avon lippie. I've got a couple more for future posts, so until then...

じゃ ね!



Otaku Alert! Black Rock Shooter (Inspired) Jacket


ust a quick (sort of) post to show one of my favorite pieces of clothing right now. This is my Black Rock Shooter-inspired jacket from Comic Alley.
まったく, when I first saw a photo of this from their Facebook page, I was all like "Kyaaa! Gotta have that! \(>_<)/" (I think I mentioned this in one of my older posts...)

Since I can NEVER cosplay as BRS, I just settled for something like this. Kyaaa! I am too shy to wear her costume in public. Okay fine, I know it won't suit me (fuuu...). And in any case if I do cosplay as BRS, it'll look like she has gone depressed and started pigging out or something. Or I can be her 'chubby' version, ohoho~ Whatever...

Anyway, I'm glad the style is quite simple and the way it mimics the titular character's long coat. I love the single stripe on each arm and the large white star at the back, very unmistakably BRS. I like the fact that I can wear it in the office or outside without being overly obvious about being, well, otaku. Oh yeah! I'll still wear it with pride! (^o^)/

The fabric is quite nice, it's actually thick, soft, and warm. Perfect for cold office environment. Sewing job is pretty okay, except for the stitching on the large star which is kinda sloppy but forgivable. And they could have done something better about the zipper but since it does the job, I really can't complain. For Php1450, I'd say it's worth it. BTW, I got this in a small size. The medium ones were out of stock at the time but the SA asked me to still try this and claimed that there is no significant difference. And what do you know... Turned out he's right! It fits me to a T, even when the zipper is closed up, and the hood is still large enough. Luc-ky!

Alright, there goes my quick post. Haha!
Any thoughts on anime apparel?

じゃ ね!


April Collective + May Summer Stuff


Aa~ So nice to be back with a 'normal' post. On an early side note, I'm coming to terms with everything that has happened so far. Well, as I have said on my previous emo post, "Life goes on"...

I have a lot of stuff to blog about, so I'll start the ball rolling with this one. The title is no typo error and you are not reading it wrong either... These are my acquisitions for the month of April (heck, May is almost ending), as well as things I bought for our team's summer outing (more of that in a future post!). Argh! How greatly my wallet suffered (as well as Oneechan's CC), fuuuu...

Tonikaku, here are the ones for April:


Fresh Puff Cotton Pads - For removing makeup and applying toner
Shimaya Dashi no Moto (Katsuo flavor) - For use as stock in cooking my favorite Japanese food
Nose Shadow - I'm practicing contouring, heehee...
Blue Eyeshadow Palette - I used this in a makeup experiment


Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner - My second bottle. I really love it!
Silka Papaya Whitening Lotion - My favorite lotion
Maybelline Color Bloom in Peach Blossom - I actually like this more than LipIce
Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-oxidant Berry - Trying a different flavor...

Fanny Serrano Concealer in Cashew - I'm honestly getting tired of my Maybelline Angel Fit one
Careline Oil Control Blush-On in Rosy Cheek - Loving it!

Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Mask - Yes, my hair is in dire need of treatment
Avon Moisture Seduction Lip Gloss - Gah! Another lip product... (the silver pouch is a freebie)
Solo Care Aqua - My favorite lens solution

From Avon

Pretty Purple Shirt - A long shirt that I use as sleepwear
Moments to Remember Gift Set - I sooo love the charms!
Shine Attract Lipstick in Passionate Red - Got intrigued by its non-conventional form (the red purse is a freebie)

And here are the ones for our beach trip:

All of these are from SM Megamall (except the final photo, which are stuff from SM Cubao). We didn't know that there was a mall-wide sale going on at the time. So it was kinda like an 'adventure' going along / against the throng of people. And it was on a Saturday! Ugh... Sometimes, I just hate it when that happens...

Cosmopolitan Philippines May Issue - My girl manual

Bench Black Topsider - Is that the right term for this shoe???

From Etude House

Wonder Pore Freshner - At long last I got one! I'm giving my Dickinson's Witch Hazel a break
Bling Bling Eye Stick in #03 Pink Supernova and #01 Shooting Star - For use as shimmer eyeshadow / highlighter
Be Clear Moisturizer sample as freebie

Shick Silk Effects - Getting tired of the conventional razors
Sunplay Super Block - To prevent getting sun-baked to a crisp, heehee...
In2It Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - For no-budge, no-smudge beach makeup
Nanny Rose's Queen Bee After-Wax Salve - Does the job so well!
Palmolive Naturals Soft & Moisture Soap - I was unable to use this after all

Sogo Striped Three-Piece Swimwear - My first swimwear. No, I'm not kidding.


Sarong from Kultura - Tie-dyed and colorful
 Simple bag from Kultura - For taking some necessities to the beach
Aviator Shades (forgot the brand) - This is my favorite style
Shorts from Coco Cabana - So comfy...
Naruto Black Shirt - Sharingan logo on the front, Uchiha clan symbol on the back. Perfect for the otaku in me!

Okay, so that's it for now. Yatta! I'll post a review about some of the stuff here in the future. Oh, how I missed this...

Ja ne!