Otaku Alert! Black Rock Shooter (Inspired) Jacket


ust a quick (sort of) post to show one of my favorite pieces of clothing right now. This is my Black Rock Shooter-inspired jacket from Comic Alley.
まったく, when I first saw a photo of this from their Facebook page, I was all like "Kyaaa! Gotta have that! \(>_<)/" (I think I mentioned this in one of my older posts...)

Since I can NEVER cosplay as BRS, I just settled for something like this. Kyaaa! I am too shy to wear her costume in public. Okay fine, I know it won't suit me (fuuu...). And in any case if I do cosplay as BRS, it'll look like she has gone depressed and started pigging out or something. Or I can be her 'chubby' version, ohoho~ Whatever...

Anyway, I'm glad the style is quite simple and the way it mimics the titular character's long coat. I love the single stripe on each arm and the large white star at the back, very unmistakably BRS. I like the fact that I can wear it in the office or outside without being overly obvious about being, well, otaku. Oh yeah! I'll still wear it with pride! (^o^)/

The fabric is quite nice, it's actually thick, soft, and warm. Perfect for cold office environment. Sewing job is pretty okay, except for the stitching on the large star which is kinda sloppy but forgivable. And they could have done something better about the zipper but since it does the job, I really can't complain. For Php1450, I'd say it's worth it. BTW, I got this in a small size. The medium ones were out of stock at the time but the SA asked me to still try this and claimed that there is no significant difference. And what do you know... Turned out he's right! It fits me to a T, even when the zipper is closed up, and the hood is still large enough. Luc-ky!

Alright, there goes my quick post. Haha!
Any thoughts on anime apparel?

じゃ ね!


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