June Collective Stuff

ell, what do you know! It's the last day of June. Time really does fly so fast half of the year is finished. We're on the second half now, and I'm kinda excited for July. Heehee... Good vibes!

So, here are my new stuff / acquisitions for this month...

Braved that back-to-school throng of last-minute shoppers at National Bookstore for a couple of cute metallic gray and pink pens (because of Ekai-neechan, hahahaa!) which I'm loving.
Current and back issues of Candy mag, Cosmopolitan June 2012, and a back issue of Otakuzine.

Otaku stuff! Gamer shirt from Fun Tee and Dead Master Nendoroid.
Short black wig and wig cap from Farmers Cubao, which I used in that photo from my previous post. Aa~ It's much easier for me to get wigs now, thanks again to Ekai-nechan!

Cool Blue which I gave to my nephew, Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks (gave one to my sister), and a Smooth Minerals Eyeliner in Onyx (for future makeup experiments). All from Avon.

Milcu Magic Puff, scrunchie from Pinkbox, Cyleina Black Pearl soap (let's see if this will work on me, heehee...), Maybelline Color Bloom Tinted Lip Balm in Peach Blossom (my favorite!), Marrionaud retractable blush brush).
2 Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks -- Love That Red is for me while Pink Flame is again for my sister.

Cotton pads, lash case, upper and lower lashes, and brow shaver. From Saizen and Japan Home Center. This will be the first time I'm using false lower lashes. I wanna get Dolly Wink ones!

False lashes (again!) in Vivid Long -- will use them for future blog posts. Oil Control paper, and Petit Darling Nails in BR310. From Etude House.

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder, and their 100-piece Eyeshadow Palette. Considered as my most ridiculous purchase (in a good way!) of the month. LOL! Guess I won't be getting new eyeshadow palettes anytime soon. Or in the next couple of years, hahahaa!

I think this is one of those times I went all-out. Gah! More self-control please, hahaa!



  1. i really love haul posts!!! :) that maybelline lip color bloom is a fave of mine too!! I think i repurchased around 3 or 4 times already! :) 

  2. Thank you Ms. Hazel!
    I'm also not sure how many times I've repurchased that 'cause I really love it! =)
    Honestly, I like it better than LipIce...