Zambales Summer Trip!


Super late post... Just in time for summer's end and the official start of the rainy season, eheheh... Photos from our team's Zambales-Potipot trip last May. It was an overnight affair and we stayed at Villa Valerio, simple yet cozy and welcoming. Loads of chatting (re girl talk) with non-stop laughter, swimming, eating, and drinking! Now, would you believe this is the first time, in my 20-something years of existence, that I got to frolic (like a kid) and swim (not like I know how to, duh) in the sea? Woe is me...

Lots of omnoms! I think I gained an inch or two in 2 days, hahaa!

It was kinda gloomy that day. I'd been expecting the scorching heat of the sun and get a tan but it was raining (with thunder and lightning here and there) the whole time we were at the beach. Still, it did little to prevent us from enjoying ourselves. So excited! When we got to the beach, I was like "Umi da!" and then we were all over the place like a jumpy kid. Kinda embarrassing, really... But let me say that I was sooo amazed and entranced by the fine white sand and the oh-so-blue sea. Potipot is definitely gorgeous! I'm not a water-type person, but I guess I started to like it.

Okay, this post is over. Kidding! But be warned of the next photos. You're gonna be seeing me in a swimwear. Not for the faint of heart.

Now, for some random shots... The sky was all clear and blue the following day. Ugh...

I'm really glad I belong to this team...

I was only able to take home some random small shells and stones (?) from the beach, and those mangoes! Absolutely sweet and delicious, one of the best I must say. Oh, and we stopped by Puregold Subic. It was chocolate heaven!

Whew, that's it!  楽しかったです! I surely hope we can do more stuff like this... But for now, here comes the rain.

じゃ ね!

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  1. paulapanlaqui03 June, 2012 08:19

    wow! the place is really nice. beautiful shots! <3

  2.  Yeah, it actually made me like the beach... Thank you! ^___^

  3. you're so cute. I just followed you. :) 

  4. Reina Summers09 June, 2012 07:55

    wow seems like you have blast on your trip ^.^ , thats good . and i really like those random pictures you took , they were really pretty

  5. Hahaha, you're right! It was a lot of fun!
    Thank you so much... Dunno, sometimes I just like taking photos of anything that catches my attention. ^___^

  6. Eheheh... *blush*
    Thank you very much Ms. Ile! ( ・ω・)
    BTW, I really like your blog...