Rina-chan's Thoughts On: GEO XCH-625 Super Nudy Grey

Whew! It's been one heck of a week. What with all that heavy raining and flooding everywhere, it was so crazy... Thank God the sun has finally appeared again!

Anyway, on with the post. I think it has been a long time since I did a lens review. I've been picking up a couple of pairs lately for cosplay, but some mainly out of curiosity. Like this one. I've been quite intrigued by Super Nudy lenses due to the lovely 'halo' these make on the eyes when worn, as I see on the photos of some blogs who already did a review. So I wasted no time in ordering a grey pair from my now-favorite online lens store,  Dolly Eye Shoppe! Good thing she has these on-hand with my grade. Just a bit of a rave here -- I love this online shop as the owner Ms. Gladys, is very accommodating. She's really nice and answers to your every query. Her products are authentic and she makes sure about their quality. Shipping is also very fast. Talk about great customer service and satisfaction! This shop is highly recommended!

GEO XCH-625 Super Nudy Grey

Manufacturer/Origin: GEO Medical Korea
Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content : 38%

I've got very bad eyesight... Urgh!

Lens pattern

Natural indoor light

Artificial light

With flash

Color: ♥♥♥♥
This is my second pair of grey lenses from GEO and I must say this fares better for me than my Princess Mimi Sesame Grey in the color department. I mean, they still aren't as vivid and opaque as I'd like them to be, but it's okay. They just have this tinge of blue sometimes, probably 'cause of my natural eye color as well as the lighting.

Design: ♥♥♥♥
It's actually a pretty simple kinda-grainy pattern which makes for a quite natural look, save for the black spiky limbal ring. Nothing special here, but I like it.

Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥
If you'd like to go for a dolly look without going over the top or risk being called an 'alien' or a 'lizard' or whatever, then this size should be fine. I think these lenses can be worn with minimal eyemake.

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥
I'm quite biased with GEO lenses when it comes to comfort. Though aside from Cutiepie lenses, I haven't tried other brands, but GEO hasn't failed me yet. These are quite comfortable, I just experience a tiny bit of discomfort and itching the moment I put these on but they go away after a couple more seconds. I also feel my eyes get tired a bit easily than when I use my Princess Mimi lenses, but nothing that eyedrops can't fix.

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥
I love these lenses! I find that they actually look natural enough for me to be able to use them even at work. And the halo that I'm talking about earlier? I'm not sure if you notice them but I like the effect these lenses give to my eyes.

There you have it, my two-cents on these GEO lenses. I'm gonna take a break on browns and greys, and the next one would be a different color, heehee~



Otaku Alert! Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2012

Oh yeah, a week's passed since last Sunday that we went to SM North Edsa for the Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2012, but it kinda feels like it's just yesterday. I was so excited for this event as this marked our cosplay debut, a new experience for both me and Sachie-chan. (^-^)

The event was a total blast!
ヽ(^。^)ノ 'Twas a really fun, albeit rainy (bordering on stormy) day. The gates opened at 9am but we arrived there around 1pm already. Lots of activities for the event! They had kendo demonstration, vocabattle, dance and band battle, performances by guest bands, art competition, Gundam caravan, and of course, cosplay school and individual cosplay competitions! Sachie-chan initially urged that we register for the contest, but I don't have the guts yet to sashay and strut on the catwalk. Err, I don't think I ever will... (~_~;) We enjoyed strolling around, taking photos, checking out merchandise from the different stalls. My only gripe is that the place is too small. Looks like they didn't anticipate the fact that a lot of people will attend. Another thing, I was unable to use my 'fangs' after we ate a late lunch -- I forgot my dental adhesive. Fuuuu... (>_<)>

For our first time attending a con in cosplay attire, I found that it can be a bit more tiring, particularly due to a lot of people asking to take our photos with them. But please don't get me wrong. In fact, we absolutely loved it!
∩( ・ω・)∩ 'Cause that means we are successful in what we aimed for, and besides, I really like meeting new people with the same interests as us. Members of Anime Sky even asked us to join their group! Kyaaaa! (⌒▽⌒)

We went home at around 7pm, exhausted but definitely happy. It was such a fun, fulfilling day that I'll never forget...

I wanna thank the guys for supporting me and Sachie-chan, and enjoying that day with us -- Ekai-neechan, Bryan-niichan, Tine (our 'manager', hahaa!), and Cyndi-chan (our 'second manager', hahahaa!). You guys are so awesome!

Okay, so here are some snapshots from the event...

Thanks to Sachie-chan for the advanced tickets! The queue at the booth was long, so it's a good thing that we have these and we were able to immediately go inside.

The girls! Err, okay I'm a guy here... Ekai, Sachie as Shiemi, me as Rin, Cyndi, Tine.

They say the place looks like a wonderland. So I dubbed it "Ao no Exorcist in Wonderland". Meheheh...

Characters from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I haven't watched the anime but they are so adorable!

Cute Chii!

There was actually a sign somewhere "Keep off the grass". Bad Shiemi... (・_・;)

Miku, Shiemi, Mugi, and Taiga. Girl power!

Cute Haruhi!

Rin VS Mokujin. Bwaaahahahaaa!

With Cloud Strife

A lovely Loli girl

Luka Megurine and her chibi version. Aaaa~ So kawaii!

Heeey, another Rin! (^_-)-☆

A humongous 18-ft Gundam! It was a sight to behold.

Goodness! I was getting harassed! ( ´∀`)

That awkward moment when you're in crossplay and you gotta use the loo... Ladies' of course... Then, other girls start noticing you... (;一_一)

Another case of harassment?? Ahahahaa!

The bunch I call my super friends. And yeah, we're all crazy. (●^o^●)

Items I purchased from the event -- K-On Mio cellphone charm, a set of fangs for future use (it's so effin' hard looking for them when it's not Halloween season, I just made a pair). I also got posters of Cloud and Black Rock Shooter. And my favorite find, a Rin Okumura mini-figure!

Kudos to the Oh No! Manga peeps! See you next time! (≧∇≦)/



Otaku Alert! Our First Official Cosplay! ~


Honestly, I don't know how to begin this post. Dunno, probably I'm still too giddy with all these recent happenings, hahaa! I mentioned in my previous post how July has been nice to me, and this is one of the reasons. Today, I'm gonna tell you about my first "official" cosplay! So get ready for a bit of a lengthy post, meheheh...

You know how I love all things anime, manga, and videogames -- like I'm the proud resident オタク of the group, eheheh... And cosplay is no exception! I've been interested in this since what, my college days? Unfortunately, I didn't have the luxury of time, resources, and support back then. Fast-forward to about a year or two ago. I found the time, got a couple of friends with similar interests -- and somehow, the resources I need. I'd been planning in my head but sadly, nothing pushed through. Sure, I check out anime cons, particularly the 2011 Ozine Fest (where I costripped as a random schoolgirl, heheh...), but still, nothing beats the real deal I thought. I wanted to make my cosplay debut at Ozine Fest 2012 but regrettably, I wasn't able to attend it. Fuuuuu... Until May came. I think it all started when I saw a photo of the Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp somewhere in Facebook, and mentioned it to Sachie-chan (a fellow otaku, eheheh) and the rest as they say, is history.

So began the planning, endless texting, checking out costumes, etc. I was not sure who to cosplay as though I've got a lot in mind, but one thing's for sure -- I want to crossplay too! Maybe because I'm a bit too in touch with my 'masculine' side, and I've been curious as to how I'd look had I been of the opposite gender. Bwaahahahahaa! Oops... Anyway, it wasn't that hard for me 'cause to be honest, though I use makeup and I'm interested in girl stuff (depends on what it is), I've always been a tomboy. I'm more boyish when it comes to clothes I wear, my interests, and my mannerisms...

Another thing -- I was watching Ao no Exorcist at the time, and Rin Okumura is my favorite character in the bunch. Dunno, probably 'cause I can relate even a bit? Not that I'm a *gasp* demon, but though I may look and act 'evil' bitchy sometimes, I still got my halo. 'Kay, nuff said. Kyaahahahaa! Right. So then I decided to go ahead and do the unthinkable. BTW, my かわいい friend Sachie-chan also picked another character from the said anime and she went for Shiemi Moriyama, who suited her well. Crazy stuff ensued. Like the hunt for the wig, the seamstress who will make our uniforms / costume, props maker, budgeting moolah for makeup and such... Thank heavens for the internet. For a newbie like me, I sometimes thought that it's hard. But one must know I'm the type of person who sees it through to the end once I decided on something. Thank God, everything went according to plans.

So, you ready to see what happened?

What do you think? Meheheheh...

I was really satisfied with how it all turned out! Hmm, maybe except for my styling of the wig. Note to self: don't be too 'trigger-happy' with the hairspray. I like how it looked on the first photo better. And yeah okay, I cheated with the 'sword'. Hahahaa!

I'd also like to take this bit of space to thank everyone who helped made this possible...

Ate Mary Ann -- who made our costumes. I love it! Every part was well thought of and made, from the materials down to the sewing. We absolutely liked the ribbon and necktie!
A small store in Farmers, Cubao -- where I purchased my first-ever wig. Good thing it's cheap! I forgot the name of the store though...
Dolly Eye Shoppe -- my favorite circle lens store! Thank goodness it has graded GEO lenses in blue.
Uniknails -- for the ears and tail.

Now, some thoughts of a newbie-cosplayer...

What can I say? The whole experience was a blast! Some may comment that I'm old for this stuff, or I just waste money, etc... But I've only got three words: I don't care. C'mon, "to each his own". If something makes you happy, lets you express yourself better, makes you feel fulfilled, gives you that sense of achievement, and it doesn't do any harm -- I say, go for it! And that's the thing, I'm not getting young anymore. I don't wanna wait if I can do all the stuff I want now, while I can. Time waits for no one, remember that.

Please forgive me if I am too excited and act like a kid with all these. Probably some cosplayers have experienced the same thing when they wore their first costume, strutted in a place with lots of people, became giddy with the first ones who asked to take your photos, you know what I mean.

We have a long way to go, but this is the first step. And there are lots more to come. In all honesty, I perfectly intend to cosplay for as long as I can and I'm praying to God to let me do just that...

Whew! Alright, I'll stop my blabbering for now. Next post would be photos from the event and our adventures / misadventures that accompanied it.

じゃ ね!