J-Rock Sunday: Marry Me by ELLEGARDEN


I just realized that it's been a long time since I shared my favorite songs on a J-Rock Sunday post. So here we are!

Under the spotlight is ELLEGARDEN, a Japanese band formed in 1998. They were active until 2008, when they announced an indefinite hiatus. Aa~ I want to knock myself on the head and ask myself why it is only now that I get to know such amazing Japanese bands...

ELLEGARDEN is composed of Takeshi Hosomi on rhythm guitar and vocals, Shinichi Ubukata on lead guitar, Yuichi Takada on bass, and Hirotaka Takahashi on drums. Their music is in the same vein as Bump of Chicken and The Pillows, being alternative rock, but of course, each has their own distinct style.

"Marry Me" is a fast, catchy song from their fourth full length album Riot on the Grill. Its melody is pretty simple, and the English lyrics though well-pronounced, some are not completely grammatically-correct (but I get their sense y'know...). Regardless, let me say that those are what makes this song got me attracted to ELLEGARDEN's music.

"Marry Me"

Somewhere closer I can hear the wedding bell
It's a fine day I am wearing a blue shirts like the sky
I am standing in the line while holding confetti
I see the girl of my dream is shining like the sun beside him

Won't you marry me if I could be a rich boy
Won't you marry me if I could be very handsome
Won't you marry me if I could be a tall guy
Don't you marry him if I could be in the next life

You're an idol in high school, he 's a quarterback
He has sold me a photocopy of your photograph
I am standing in the line while holding confetti
I see the girl of my dream is smiling like the sun in her wedding dress

Won't you marry me if I could be a rich boy
Won't you marry me if I could be very handsome
Won't you marry me if I could be a tall guy
Don't you marry him if I could be in the next life

Maybe not... She don't remember me
Maybe not... She don't know how I feel
Maybe not... She don't even know my last name

Won't you marry me if I could be a rich boy
Won't you marry me if I could be very handsome
Won't you marry me if I could be a tall guy
Don't you marry him
He's just another stupid in the next life

(credits to kylkjhgfd for the video)


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Rina-chan's Thoughts On: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner


Do you love using eyeliners? I sure do! As a matter of fact, If I'd have to choose only one eye makeup to use, that would be eyeliner, no doubt. Dunno, but it feels like my makeup isn't complete without it. You guys already know how eyeliner helps change our eye shape, and makes them look bigger and more 'alive and awake'. So it goes without saying that an eyeliner is really a very indispensable item in my makeup kit.

I use either pencil or gel (which I just started on, thanks to Etude House, heehee...) but my favorite is liquid! I love doing winged lines and cat-eyes which of course, you can achieve with any type of liner. But for me, I find that I can do it way more easily with liquid.

I've tried many other brands before and I've been particularly 'biased' with Majolica Majorca... that is, until I learned about and got my hands on this: the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner! Quite a mouthful, huh...

I got this just in time after my second Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner ran out. Thanks to a Beauty Bar store near my workplace, I was able to get ahold of this baby. And with the very cute limited pink packaging at that! The Japanese sure do know their stuff...

So I started using this the day after purchasing it until now, and what can I say?

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner
Super Black

Php895 - Beauty Bar

I like...
      ...the packaging. It's pretty and colorful, and the tube itself is so cute in pink with silver dots! It actually reminds me of Dolly Wink. Though the non-LE one is housed in a plain black tube. Also, I like how the cap snaps firmly in place, making sure that it won't dry out and no product is wasted.
      ...the automatic dispensing of the liquid. No twisting needed, you just let the brush touch your lid then draw away!
      ...the fine, precise brush! This is what I'm always looking for in a good liquid eyeliner. It's firm but soft, allowing me to draw lines with such ease while maintaining control.
      ...its pigmentation. It says "Super Black" though quite frankly, you may need to do two strokes (at most) to get the opacity you want. Nevertheless, I'm pretty satisfied! Also, the finish is not too shiny-shimmery like screaming "Hey, I've got eyeliner on, baby!"
     ...the product's consistency. It's watery and not thick at all. It glides easily on the skin and dries almost immediately, no transferring on my lids.

      ...its staying power. I wear this liner for more than 12 hours on an almost daily basis, and not once has it failed me yet. It's waterproof but not entirely smudge-proof, though it will take a hard rubbing to get it off. And who the hell would rub their eyes that hard???
      ...ease of removal. You can do so with just water and facial foam/soap, but I still prefer using my makeup remover.

I'm okay with...
      ...again, the packaging. There is no telling how much liquid is left.
      ...the price. I find it pretty expensive for Php895. But what the heck, with all the pros I listed above, I'd say it's definitely worth every cent!

Well, with that I can easily say that this by far is the best liquid eyeliner I've ever used! And yes, I will surely repurchase! Hmm... I guess I won't be buying from any other brand anytime soon, heehee...



August Collective Stuff


Well, look at just how fast time flies... We've got the -ber months rolling in and the next thing you know, it'd be Christmas and New Year again! Okay, so that's just me getting too ahead of myself, heheh...

とにかく、here are some of my acquisitions for last month.

From Snoe:
No. 10 The Special Black Bleaching Bar -- I think this is my second one already. I'm loving it, though it makes my skin as dry as a desert...
Handy Candy Lip Color -- And all the while I kept saying "Hard Candy". Duh...

From Divisoria:

Clover-motif bracelets and necklace -- I thought they were so cute I wasn't able to resist them!
Pink earmuffs -- Okay, so it doesn't get too cold here that I'm gonna actually need them. Plus, I'm not sure what kind of creature that is. But it's pink and... it's just too cute and fluffy! Argh!
Clips and hair tie -- I bought them in bulk, like 8 pieces per package, and gave some away to my girl friends. And these are what I kept for myself, though I don't think I'll be able to use them right now 'cause I just got my hair rebonded again...
Brown wig -- Long and wavy, this is for a cosplay I'm gonna be doing for a con by the end of September. Yay!

Ballerina bracelet and necklace gift set from Avon.

From Beauty Bar:

Artdeco Camouflage Cream -- Still on the lookout for the best undereye concealer.
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner -- Finally got my hands on this baby! And with the new packaging at that...

Essence Mask
from Etude House.

From Watsons:

Solo Care Aqua -- My favorite lens solution.
Glam Works Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes -- For handy-dandy makeup removal when I'm out of the house.
Vaseline Healthy White Lotion -- Didn't expect I'm gonna go back to this one.
Eye-Mo -- I use this before putting on my lenses and after removing them.
Myra Vitawhite Hand & Body Lotion and Myra-E capsules -- You get a free bottle for purchasing 15 capsules. I'm not really using it but the promo girl is quite insistent, heheh...
iWhite Nose Pack -- I just used it and I have to say the results were not impressive...

And finally, my favorite purchase for the month -- an Evangelion shirt from Uniqlo! And I don't care that it's a guy's shirt, eheheh... I was actually lemming for a Gundam shirt but they only have one design (in red) which I didn't like, so I had to pick this one instead. Though I think it would be a different story had that Gundam shirt have been white...

As you can see, there aren't much makeup stuff here, just some I really need. I'm actually trying hard to keep myself from spending too much, especially on makeup. Though I still get tempted every now and then, heheh... Guess we'll see in next month's haul post...