Liebster Blog Award

A first! Oh gosh, this is the first time my small space on the web has ever been nominated for an award. Thank you so much, Miss Gellie of Taste of My Own Medicine! Go check out her nice blog!

Anyway, I am kinda intrigued by this Liebster Blog Award so I did some searching. The origins of this blog award are quite unclear but the general consensus is that it originated in Germany, and that the word 'Liebster' means favorite or beloved. This is to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers, and upon accepting the award the recipient must then pass it on to five more blogs of note. Looking at other blogs who received this award, I noticed that some of the rules have changed, including the number of blogs you can nominate. For this one, here are the rules. You will write down 11 random facts about you and then answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you. You must nominate 11 blogs that hasn't been nominated.

Here we go!

11 Random Facts About Me:

01. I am VERY near-sighted, -5.75 for my right eye and -5.50 for my left eye.
02. I've been an otaku for goodness-knows-how-long. And yes, I still am and forever will be.
03. I gave up learning how to play the guitar 'cause I can't do those bar chords properly. They hurt my left index finger so bad.
04. So I learned bass instead. I've been playing for the past two years and I plan on doing so for as long as I can.
05. I am very, deathly, afraid of worms and snakes. Just typing those words made me shudder.
06. I want to go and live in Japan.
07. I used to dislike wearing makeup. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to this and only started really using and liking it a couple of years back.
08. I don't eat bitter melon. Period.
09. I won't be able to sleep alone in total darkness.
10. I wanted to take up Fine Arts in college since I love drawing (you guessed it, anime and manga characters) so much, but I had to switch to Electronics and Communications Engineering. And I sort of regret it...
11. I can't swim, even if my life depended on it!

11 Questions for my Nominees (from Gellie)

1) What's your favorite comfort food? Spaghetti. With lots of cheese.
2) What 3 things your bag should have? House keys, tinted lip balm, my wallet.
3) Favorite band? Ooh, I have loads! But I'll have to choose the J-Rock band Bump of Chicken!
4) Do you like roller coasters? So far, I rode a roller coaster only twice. And I can't say I like it, heheh...
5) Favorite ice cream yogurt? Red Mango, I guess.
6) Shorts or skirts? I'm actually a jeans person. But if I have to choose, it'll be skirts.
7) Rainy or sunny? Sunny all the way! I hate it when it rains.
8) Favorite TV series? Chuck.
9) Makeup you can;t live without? Lipstick.
10) Favorite nail color? Red or black.
11) Favorite facial wash? The ones from Etude House. I love their Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam, too bad it's discontinued.
11 Questions for My Nominees:

01. Favorite genre of music?
02. Do you watch anime? If so, what's your favorite?
03. Favorite makeup item?
04. What's one gadget you can't live without?
05. Ice cream or cake?
06. Do you play any musical instrument?
07. Any 'weird' habits?
08. If you were to make a 'soundtrack' of your life, what song will you include?
09. What country would you like to visit?
10. If you could change your name, what would it be?
11. Dream job?

Again, thanks to Miss Gellie for this award! And do check the awesome ones I nominated!



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog rina! I will also relay the liebster blog! I wonder, how did you find 11 blogs who haven't been nominated? :) thanks! :) 

  2. You're very much welcome! I love your blog... =3

  3. No worries!
    Uhm well, it's pretty much manual. I just actually went through my list of blogs I've been following and went on from there... ^___^

  4. hi dear.. thank you for visiting my page and for the award =) 

  5. You're very much welcome! ^___^

  6.  hi dear.. already posted: http://rhaichael.blogspot.com/2012/11/2nd-and-3rd-liebster-award_3339.html

  7.  hi dear http://rhaichael.blogspot.com/2012/11/2nd-and-3rd-liebster-award_3339.html

  8. Hi there Rina-chan! ^^, So sorry for the very late reply. Anyway I want to thank you for nominating me. ^^, This is my first time to have an award and in return I'll relay the award as well. ^^, Thank you so much and will answer the questions right away. ^^, Please wait for the link ^^, Btw I love your blog! So simple but cute! ^^,

  9. Oh, thank you! I enjoyed reading your post! =)

  10. No worries! I'd definitely love to read your post! ^__~
    And thank you so much!