October Collective Stuff


Just a quick haul post to update my blog for today. ごめんね、 I can't do a more decent post yet as I'm quite preoccupied right now, thinking about a lot of stuff. Ugh...

So without further ado, here are my acquisitions for October.

From Watsons:
My nth bottle of my favorite Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner
Olay Natural White Day Cream -- in sachet, I'm on a trial period with it
Myra-E 400 -- I kinda like the effects of this Vitamin E on me
Miine head (uhh, watchamacallit??)

From SM Department Store:
Nivea Creme -- one of my favorite moisturizers
Gluta-C Underarm & Bikini Skin Whitening Gel -- So I gave in to the hype!
Fashion21 white eyeliner -- I lost my first one after doing our makeup for Cosplay Mania...
Maybelline Hypersharp Liner -- Had to buy one in a hurry 'cause my K-Palette appeared to have ran out prematurely... T__T

From Saizen:
A pair of cute, flirty slanted false lashes -- for cosplay purposes

From Etude House:
Oh M'Eye Line in Black -- I purchased this before I decided to get the Maybelline liner, but I still use them both
Lip & Eye Remover -- although the name is quite a bit 'alarming' and interesting, this is my favorite makeup remover

Another thing I was unable to resist: The Oriental Gyeol Goun Two-Way Pact from Tony Moly. I simply adore the powder's case! Will do a review of that soon! The UV Sunset BB Cleansing Foam is a freebie for every Php1500 purchase. Had to persuade Ekai-neechan just a bit to purchase something -- a tube of cleanser (forgot the name) so everything would amount to Php1500 for this. Haha!

My first The Face Shop purchase! I got their Wrinkle Stop Abyssine Eye Cream -- I honestly have high hopes for this product. I'll see... I also availed of their VIP card for Php150 which included that fabulous set of samples! Love it!

Lastly, I went ahead and finally purchased Majolica Majorca Lash King. I am absolutely in-love with this mascara! My favorite MM mascara so far! Will definitely do a review as well soon...

Hmm, looks like there are a quite a number of new products to test. Heehee...

Happy Halloween!



  1. Oh, hello MIss Kat!
    Haha, they're for the whole month though. Actually, I'm trying to buy less now -- especially those I'm not really gonna be needing... =3
    As for the Olay cream, I'm loving it! Keeps my skin moisturized enough.

  2. Your tagged for Liebster Blog Award... You can check my post for the rules... http://www.krystarivera.com/2012/11/liebser-award.html

  3. you got so many things. im so jealous! i also use olay cream :)