Rina-chan's Thoughts On: GEO WBS-202 Xtra Bella Blue


Back with another circle lens review! This time I have GEO WBS-202 Xtra Bella, which I purchased a couple of months back from Dolly Eye Shoppe. I'm not really a fan of blue lenses but I had to get one for my Rin Okumura cosplay. I still use these even after the event, once or twice a week, alternating with my three other pairs of lenses.

 GEO WBS-202 Xtra Bella Blue

Manufacturer/Origin: GEO Medical Korea
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%

Natural indoor light

Artificial light

With flash

Color: ♥♥♥♥♥
These lenses have a very vivid blue color that is obvious even from afar! It's really opaque and  shows up well on my dark brown eyes.

Design: ♥♥♥♥
I'd say it looks quite natural, and the spiky design reminds me of the sun's rays, heehee... I love the thick black limbal ring that makes the eyes look more dolly.

At 15mm, these are perfect for large, doll-like eyes. Still, they won't make you look like a lizard. Just like my Super Nudy Greys, you can wear this with minimal eyemake, IMHO.

Comfort: ♥♥♥
At first, I didn't have any issues with this pair. But after quite some time, I noticed that the lens on my right eye starts to get a tad bit blurry especially in an air-conditioned environment, even after using contact lens drops. When I'm outside, they feel quite fine, though they make my eyes a little tired easily compared to Princess Mimi lenses. I've only been using these for about three months so I don't know...

Overall: ♥♥♥♥
As much as I'd like to say I love these Xtra Bella lenses, I just can't. I like the color and how they enlarge my eyes, but I can't sacrifice comfort. Blurry eyes really annoy the hell out of me. For now, I'm sticking with my Princess Mimi pairs.

Too bad these obviously didn't make the cut for my favorite lenses, so I don't think I'll repurchase. If I have to get blue lenses, I'll look for a different pair.



  1. You look great with blue eyes I could never carry that :'(

    The Misty Mom

  2. Oh, thank you!
    Why not? I suggest you try blue lenses too... =)