Rina-chan's Thoughts On: Etude House Happy Fresh Foam


I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post something decent for quite a while now. Except for what I consider my obligatory monthly haul, so I can put something here while I'm thinking of what to post next. Bad blogger here. Heehee~

Anyway, this is my second time doing a review for a facial cleanser. I know these foams or cleansers are just used to, well -- clean your face with, and yadda yadda yadda -- but I still want to share this product that I'm loving at the moment.

I've had this for quite some time now, a part of my July haul. I originally went to Etude House SM Megamall at the time with plans of purchasing my favorite Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam, only to find out that it's been discontinued. Boo-hoo~ So I just grabbed this one instead.

There are different Etude House Happy Cleansing Foams to suit one's skin needs.
The Happy Essential Foam is formulated with 40% moisturizers that gently removes impurities, leaving skin clean, smooth and soft. This is suitable for dry or normal skin. You can select from:
Collagen -- to promote skin elasticity and firmness
Hyaluronic Acid -- to promote hydration
Vitamin C -- to brighten the skin

The Happy Fresh Foam is formulated with 10% sebum (oil) absorbers and 20% moisturizers that gently removes impurities, leaving skin clean, smooth and refreshed. This is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.You can select from:
Witch Hazel -- for skin refining
White Clay -- helps to eliminates excess oil and reduce shine

I chose Witch Hazel not only 'cause I have super oily skin, but to also help minimize my pores as they seem to get bigger and bigger, fuuuu...

I like...
     ...its cleansing power! I use this to clean my face and neck during my morning shower, and at night after removing my makeup. I use Etude House Lip & Eye Remover for my stubborn eyeliner and mascara before washing my face. Though I still have to use Glam Works Makeup Remover Wipes before cleansing my face with this if I have more heavy makeup, like after an event.
     ...its fresh scent. I don't really know how to describe it, I'm very poor at it...
     ...that it lathers very well and cleans my face without making my skin feel tight, just clean and moisturized.
     ...that it's got white micro beads which are oh-so gentle and not harsh on the skin. It never gave me any break-outs!
     ...the cute and well-sealed tube packaging. Etude House never fails me in this department.
     ...the price. It's very affordable at Php228 for a 150mL tube which can last you months!

I'm neutral about...
     ...its pore-refining claims. I use this, then my Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner as toner -- but I haven't really noticed any significant changes on my skin's pore size. Either that or my skin is just really stubborn, heehee...

Overall, I still love this! It's been my everyday facial cleanser and I plan on repurchasing, though I'm thinking of getting the White Clay variant next. But I'm still gonna miss their Milk Tea Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam... TT^TT



  1. Thank you Onika-chan! =3
    Have you tried Etude House Cleansing Foams already?

  2. The package is really cute! I've grown quite curious to the scent now hehe ^^
    x sparkling-sea.blogspot.com

  3. this looks great! i love foaming cleansers, hope i can try this sometime
    now following your blog
    hope you stop by mine

  4. I agree! I love that smiley face on the foam... =3
    Haha, I can't describe the scent specifically but for me it's a clean, fresh smell.

  5. Hi Jill! Thank you so much for following!
    I love them too, especially the feel of the soft foam...
    Followed you back... ;)

  6. Hiii! Thank you for this review!^^ Now I'll have an eye in this line of products!(^ω^)Especialy because is from Etude House ♥ hehe xD Have a really nice day!^^ 


  7. No worries dear! For me, this is a very good facial cleanser.
    Etude House products are my favorite... =3

  8. I would like to ask,.. what is the color of the cleanser when you squeeze it, is it white or grayish color? I'm just wondering...

  9. Hello! :) is this okay to remove also pimples? I just bought this product few days ago :)