November - December Collective Stuff 2

Clothes, bags, and shoes. Okay. If you'd notice, I rarely post about clothes and bags. Dunno, I guess I'm just more of a makeup-and-cute stuff person. But this time around, I decided I needed a bit of a wardrobe makeover as well (except in the shoes department). Apart from the pieces my Christmas party outfit required, I also purchased some items that I felt I could use in my new 'fashion adventure'. Ohoho~

Plaid shoulder-slash-messenger bag from Heartstrings. Ah~ it gives me that 'college years' feel, LOL! But yeah, I actually had to purchase this as my Cose bag decided to give up on me, after years of being used. And abused. Eheheh~

Yay! My first satchel from Parisian! This is such a steal at Php399. I originally wanted to buy one in a solid brown color a couple of months ago, but decided to forego it as I didn't have enough moolah at the time. Good thing though, as they got some new stocks in different colors and patterns. Like this one.

White corset top from Genevieve Gozum.

Black blazer from Candy. For the fear of risking showing too much skin with the corset (ahem!) during the Christmas party, eheheh...

The perfect black lace skirt, spotted by Ekai-neechan at Forever21. I simply love-love-love it!

And no, no one will ever be able to tear me from my beloved Converse Chuck Taylors! Okay, I'm thinking of purchasing some flats this coming year, but this has always been a staple piece in my closet (or in this case, shoe rack) and I don't think I'll ever, ever part with it. 'Nuff said.


I've been searching for a cream vest which I can use for business-attire Mondays, so off we went to St. Francis Square. That's where we discovered this nifty little shop called Red Ginger. They carry a variety of pretty and affordable Korean/Japanese fashion-inspired clothing, including patterned tights and scarves/shawls. I purchased a pair of white floral-patterned tights and a plaid shawl. And look at those tulle skorts! They're so lovely, aren't they? I liked them so much I got one in light pink and another one in black (a staple color in my wardrobe). I also got myself some foot socks, a white tank top, and a black bandeau. And yes, I got the vests I wanted. Yay!

And that's it for my last acquisitions post for 2012! Now, please excuse me while I browse some Japanese fashion magazines...


November - December Collective Stuff 1

Makeup and whatnots, eheheh~

Face masks from Watsons. They're cheap, works well in refreshing and moisturizing my skin, and doesn't break me out.

From Etude House. Drawing Show Creamy Liner in BK801, 'cause I want a matte black gel liner. And AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion. What's with the addition of 'Daily' in the name? Beats me, but I still love this moisturizer especially that I've got an oil mine for skin.

From SM Dept Store. elf Eyelid Primer -- I actually wanted the Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer, but it's out of stock in all the stores I went to (Fuuu...). In2It Waterproof Eye Colour Set in Candy -- I needed a really pink, almost red, shade for my Christmas party makeup. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait -- Finally, I got mine. And I'm loving it! Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm -- Another makeup item I currently love.

Ceramic hair straightener from Avon. My hair is starting to get all frizzy again so I use this to tame those unruly strands. Though I mainly use this to straighten my bangs, heehee...

From Saizen. My favorite store! Their 2-box set of cotton pads is so economical. I also got some face masks (again!) which comes in a box with 3 sheets. And a couple sets of false lashes! Aah~ I think I'm getting addicted, hahaa! Ellefar Princess Liquid Eyeliner -- Just to see if it does the job *wink*
I also grabbed a Hello Kitty purse, which serves as my secondary makeup/toiletries bag for work and travel. It's so cute and spacious! And speaking of cute, I didn't hesitate to snag that かわいい pink kokeshi cellphone strap! Lastly, my trip to a Saizen store won't be complete without getting a 2-box set of Chocolate Pocky. Yes, I know it's cheaper in supermarkets, but I can't resist the free eraser. LOL!

Final purchases for the year! Rohto Lycee Contacts Drops from Geisha's Secret (one of my favorite online stores), and two pairs of circle lenses (GEO and Maple) from JapaneseCandy. Yay!

Ooops, it's not done yet... *wink*


Rock Meets Masquerade...

...at our annual company Christmas party! BTW guys, how's your Christmas? I spent mine at my hometown and it was a lot of fun! I missed my family so much... Though right now I'm back here in Manila for two days work before I leave again for the New Year holidays. やった!

Alright, back to the topic. So a couple of weeks ago, we had our Christmas party at Wack-wack Golf and Country Club, and this year's theme is Masquerade. Me: "Aww... Y u no want Cosplay?? Fuuu..."
Truth be told, I was never a fan of masks (unless it's anime-related, heehee...) and cocktail dresses/gowns. So, what the heck? We just decided to let it pass and come up with our own version of masquerade, albeit rock-inspired, party ensemble.

Photo credits to the respective owners

Hair -- I despise putting my hair in an updo when it comes to events (unless really, really necessary). I don't think of it as an insecurity, but I just feel kinda iffy about showing all of mankind my 'siopao' face... So I went for the long curly/wavy hair-plus-full bangs combo.

Photo via Google

Outfit -- Now, I originally wanted a kimono-inspired number, but thought it could be overkill, and I didn't have enough time to have it custom-made. Luckily, I stumbled upon this Bleach photo and was instantly inspired by Orihime's outfit. I found it to be so cute, yet it has a rock-chic vibe to it. And the pieces are quite easy to find.

Makeup -- Last year's makeup was heavily gyaru-influenced so I decided to go for something a bit dramatic, though I still made use of heavy eyeliner and falsies. It was kinda hard choosing from a plethora of makeup tutorials from YouTube but in the end, I settled for this Seductive and Smokey Valentine's Day Makeup by Nikkie. Yes, I know it's supposedly for Valentine's... and I don't care. Ohoho~

So, how did I look?

Time to party! More photos from the event.

Yep, we've got a professional photo-bomber there. Hahahaa! Ekai-neechan, Mimay-san, and me. I just love these girls...

Photo credits to Freizer Photography

Photo credits to Freizer Photography

Photo credits to Alvin

Let me just go on a bit of rant here... IMHO, this is easily not the best Christmas party I've had. I'm not gonna go all-out in tongue-lashing here, and to be fair, there were still a few aspects in the event that were okay. But the bad just outweighs the good. And by bad, I mean the capacity of the venue, the food, the flow of the program, the stage, the lighting, the band equipment especially the sound system. Argh! We were unable to play comfortably and give it our 100% 'cause well, it just sucks. I won't go through all the details but the sounds last year was far, far probably 10x better than this. And in all honesty, I wouldn't have gotten a single enjoyment out of this affair, had it not been for my friends and the whole team, and the band.

If anyone who took part in organizing this is able to read my post, then good. I can't wait for the survey...

Anyway, sorry about that. Just to let you know, we still enjoyed dolling up for this event and spending time with our friends, and those are some of the things that matter more.

Leaving you with some of our cover videos (taken from Moncseb Studio)...

Tourniquet - cover by Sub-Exchange

I Get Off - cover by Sub-Exchange

Decode - cover by Sub-Exchange



Random Updates...


So sorry for being MiA... The past couple of weeks have been very exhausting for me. Dunno -- probably 'cause apart from the already tiring 9-hour job every weekday, the Holiday season is here, and that means lots of preparations for activities and parties here and there. Ugh...

Not that I'm complaining! Heck, it's actually been loads of fun and I am truly thankful for everything -- though that meant attending rehearsals after work, practicing even at home, planning and shopping for makeup and outfits. You get my drift... At the end of the day all I'd want to do is grab a quick bite, surf the net a bit, then hit the sack...

But hey, all's done and so I'm back! Let me just share with you some of what I've been up to these past few weeks...

Had my birthday last November. Post-birthday celebration included a movie-dinner affair with a friend, and a super-delicious chocolate cake from Oniichan Bryan and Oneechan Ekai! Yes, you can kill me with chocolate.

Got myself a new bass tuner. 'Cause my barely-a-year-old Cherub one died on me, and the other one which I purchased from RJ is such a FAIL. Anyway, I am so happy with this Fender tuner.

Which then brings me to probably the biggest source of my exhaustion -- band rehearsals. I really love playing, so I was very grateful when a colleague presented me with a 'job offer' as she called it (LOL!) -- to play with a band for the company Christmas party. So I again accepted it, though it's a different band from last year. Our covers included Evanescence and Paramore songs.

Band members for this year -- our TL Rhyan on rhythm, Nani on drums, Ikay and Camille on vocals, me on bass, and Melvin on lead. Gotta love that derpy-wacky photo! Hmm, I think I make a good Sadako. Hahahahaa!

Moncseb along Guadalupe is such a gem of a studio! Though the place itself is quite cramped compared to 8August, the equipments are well-kept and they sound sooo good that I wanna take that Hartke amp home with me. LOL! And oh that's a Fender 5-string Jazz bass lent to me by Melvin's brother who is also a talented bassist. Argh! I want something like this. Someday. Soon.

Rurouni Kenshin on cinemas! Yay! One, if not the best, anime/manga-based live action film in history! Really bugged Ekai-neechan for us to watch this and it's worth every minute...

While we were still practicing, I listened to Evanescence, Paramore, and Halestorm for hours on end. "I Get Off" by Halestorm (such a great band) is one of the last songs I listened to on my old but trusty Nokia 5310 before I parted ways with it.

And welcomed a Samsung mobile phone after being a Nokia user for years! I'm still trying to get myself used to it, hahaa...

Company Christmas party. This year's theme is masquerade. Seems like a lot of parties also had this theme.

And guess what... RuroKen again! When we learned that the film's showing got extended, we didn't waste time planning our schedules just to watch it once more! Ah~ otakus... Eheheh...

That's all for now. BTW, I'm actually writing this post in the comforts of our home in the province. I really enjoy spending the cool, lazy days here. Thank God for vacation leaves, heehee...