November - December Collective Stuff 2

Clothes, bags, and shoes. Okay. If you'd notice, I rarely post about clothes and bags. Dunno, I guess I'm just more of a makeup-and-cute stuff person. But this time around, I decided I needed a bit of a wardrobe makeover as well (except in the shoes department). Apart from the pieces my Christmas party outfit required, I also purchased some items that I felt I could use in my new 'fashion adventure'. Ohoho~

Plaid shoulder-slash-messenger bag from Heartstrings. Ah~ it gives me that 'college years' feel, LOL! But yeah, I actually had to purchase this as my Cose bag decided to give up on me, after years of being used. And abused. Eheheh~

Yay! My first satchel from Parisian! This is such a steal at Php399. I originally wanted to buy one in a solid brown color a couple of months ago, but decided to forego it as I didn't have enough moolah at the time. Good thing though, as they got some new stocks in different colors and patterns. Like this one.

White corset top from Genevieve Gozum.

Black blazer from Candy. For the fear of risking showing too much skin with the corset (ahem!) during the Christmas party, eheheh...

The perfect black lace skirt, spotted by Ekai-neechan at Forever21. I simply love-love-love it!

And no, no one will ever be able to tear me from my beloved Converse Chuck Taylors! Okay, I'm thinking of purchasing some flats this coming year, but this has always been a staple piece in my closet (or in this case, shoe rack) and I don't think I'll ever, ever part with it. 'Nuff said.


I've been searching for a cream vest which I can use for business-attire Mondays, so off we went to St. Francis Square. That's where we discovered this nifty little shop called Red Ginger. They carry a variety of pretty and affordable Korean/Japanese fashion-inspired clothing, including patterned tights and scarves/shawls. I purchased a pair of white floral-patterned tights and a plaid shawl. And look at those tulle skorts! They're so lovely, aren't they? I liked them so much I got one in light pink and another one in black (a staple color in my wardrobe). I also got myself some foot socks, a white tank top, and a black bandeau. And yes, I got the vests I wanted. Yay!

And that's it for my last acquisitions post for 2012! Now, please excuse me while I browse some Japanese fashion magazines...



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