Rock Meets Masquerade...

...at our annual company Christmas party! BTW guys, how's your Christmas? I spent mine at my hometown and it was a lot of fun! I missed my family so much... Though right now I'm back here in Manila for two days work before I leave again for the New Year holidays. やった!

Alright, back to the topic. So a couple of weeks ago, we had our Christmas party at Wack-wack Golf and Country Club, and this year's theme is Masquerade. Me: "Aww... Y u no want Cosplay?? Fuuu..."
Truth be told, I was never a fan of masks (unless it's anime-related, heehee...) and cocktail dresses/gowns. So, what the heck? We just decided to let it pass and come up with our own version of masquerade, albeit rock-inspired, party ensemble.

Photo credits to the respective owners

Hair -- I despise putting my hair in an updo when it comes to events (unless really, really necessary). I don't think of it as an insecurity, but I just feel kinda iffy about showing all of mankind my 'siopao' face... So I went for the long curly/wavy hair-plus-full bangs combo.

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Outfit -- Now, I originally wanted a kimono-inspired number, but thought it could be overkill, and I didn't have enough time to have it custom-made. Luckily, I stumbled upon this Bleach photo and was instantly inspired by Orihime's outfit. I found it to be so cute, yet it has a rock-chic vibe to it. And the pieces are quite easy to find.

Makeup -- Last year's makeup was heavily gyaru-influenced so I decided to go for something a bit dramatic, though I still made use of heavy eyeliner and falsies. It was kinda hard choosing from a plethora of makeup tutorials from YouTube but in the end, I settled for this Seductive and Smokey Valentine's Day Makeup by Nikkie. Yes, I know it's supposedly for Valentine's... and I don't care. Ohoho~

So, how did I look?

Time to party! More photos from the event.

Yep, we've got a professional photo-bomber there. Hahahaa! Ekai-neechan, Mimay-san, and me. I just love these girls...

Photo credits to Freizer Photography

Photo credits to Freizer Photography

Photo credits to Alvin

Let me just go on a bit of rant here... IMHO, this is easily not the best Christmas party I've had. I'm not gonna go all-out in tongue-lashing here, and to be fair, there were still a few aspects in the event that were okay. But the bad just outweighs the good. And by bad, I mean the capacity of the venue, the food, the flow of the program, the stage, the lighting, the band equipment especially the sound system. Argh! We were unable to play comfortably and give it our 100% 'cause well, it just sucks. I won't go through all the details but the sounds last year was far, far probably 10x better than this. And in all honesty, I wouldn't have gotten a single enjoyment out of this affair, had it not been for my friends and the whole team, and the band.

If anyone who took part in organizing this is able to read my post, then good. I can't wait for the survey...

Anyway, sorry about that. Just to let you know, we still enjoyed dolling up for this event and spending time with our friends, and those are some of the things that matter more.

Leaving you with some of our cover videos (taken from Moncseb Studio)...

Tourniquet - cover by Sub-Exchange

I Get Off - cover by Sub-Exchange

Decode - cover by Sub-Exchange



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