Rina-chan's Thoughts On: In2It Waterproof Gel Liner


Yep, it's midnight here and I'm typing this entry. I'm actually pretty tired right now after our trip to the CNPH Cosplay Market and to the seamstress earlier today, but I don't really feel sleepy yet. Heehee... So here is a review post!

When I began my adventure to the makeup world, one of the first things I tried is an eyeliner. And even though I love liquid liners, I actually started with the pencil type. I've already tried several brands but I'd have to admit, finding the perfect (or almost) pencil eyeliner has been a challenge for me. It's either they're not pigmented enough, don't last long, or they give me the horrendous panda eyes. Ugh...

But a gel liner in pencil form? I don't really remember how I came across this In2It Waterproof Gel Liner, but I've read rave reviews about this baby and decided to pick it up on one of my trips to the brand's counter. I got this one in WG 01 Very Black and it's a set box -- the pencil liner and a sharpener. So, how did this fare for me? Well, to sum it up, I love it! I've had this for quite some time now and I'm not so sure why it took me this long to post a review. Heehee... Anyway, here's my two cents' worth.


After putting my arm under running water for about 30 seconds

Then rubbed it a couple of times

Wiped it with a towel then rubbed again a few times

On my eyes (for tightlining only)

Thumbs up!
     - Great pigmentation! Very true to its shade "Very Black".
     - Glides easily on the skin due to the soft, smooth texture. No tugging, no pulling.
     - Easy enough to use, like your regular non-gel pencil eyeliner. Or even better than that.
     - Dries easily.
     - Staying power even on my oily skin is, just amazing. I can forget about smudging or running. Never experienced any panda-eye moments, no.
     - Waterproof! May I just mention that I even used this during our Zambales trip. Yes, while swimming (or should I say 'tried to swim but the truth is, I was just splashing myself with water'). It only faded after a couple of hours, after we're done with frolicking in the water.
     - Affordable. And for Php379.75 with 1.2g of product, it already comes with its own sharpener that works.
     - Easily available at any In2It counter.

Thumbs down...
     - Gets used up pretty quickly.
     - Still needs to be sharpened. Yes, I'm just lazy. LOL!
     - Kinda difficult to remove, even with my favorite makeup remover.

Overall, I'd say this is a highly-recommended product! I think this is the first time I was ever satisfied with a pencil-type liner. Just look at the pros versus the cons! I'd absolutely repurchase this, though I'm also a bit intrigued by Clio's version of a gel pencil eyeliner....

And that's it! Okay, time for me to watch some Blassreiter episodes while waiting for Mr. Sandman to come visit me...



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