Going Pink Brown ~ Richenna Bubble Color in Pink Brown


Back with another hair color post! Looks like someone's getting kinda addicted here, LOL!
One of the reasons I started coloring my hair is to prepare it for a DIY ombre. I already colored my hair natural brown about a month ago but thought it was still a tad dark, so when I saw boxes of Richenna Bubble Color at Watsons Robinsons Galleria, I thought I might as well change it to a lighter brown. However, this color caught my eye and made me think twice. Pink brown, anyone?

This made-in-Korea bubble hair color boasts of a packaging that is too cute not to be noticed! Seriously, this product has got to be one of the prettiest packaging I've seen. I mean, just look at that kawaii anime/manga-inspired girl! Well, I guess that's just me being an otaku girl talking, hahaa!

The box is well-sealed compared to Etude House's bubble color. It also shows the manufacturing date and shelf life.

The kit costs Php350, and it contains the following:
- a plastic mixing bottle with pump
- a 50g bottle of bubble colorant
- a 50g bottle of developer
- a 7mL sachet of henna therapy conditioner
- a pair of latex gloves and a plastic cape
- instructional leaflet

The texts on the box itself is pretty informative already, and the instructions on the leaflet gives more detail. And everything's in English (yay!), which of course is a plus in my book.

My hair before Richenna Pink Brown.

After putting on the cape and the gloves, I again made sure to apply some petroleum jelly on my forehead, ears, and sides of the face so the color won't stain my skin.

Customary photo before the operation, hahaa! Actually turned this hair coloring session to a sisters-bonding moment...

The instructions are pretty much the same as Etude House Bubble Hair Color. BTW, this is also done on dry hair.
1. Pour the colorant into the white pump bottle, followed by the developer, then cap it tightly. The guide tells you how much is needed depending on your hair length: 25g each for short hair, 50g each for medium-length hair, and 75g each for long hair. I just used 50g because even though my hair is kinda long, it's got a really layered cut so it's not thick.
2. Tilt the bottle sideways to mix everything, make sure not to shake it vigorously. It'll get warm when ready.
3. Start pumping out the foam.
4. Apply the foam on your hair from roots to tips, as if you are shampooing it, making sure to cover everything.
5. I also let the formula sit for 1 hour, while the instructions said 20 minutes. Again, not for more than an hour though.
6. Wash your hair. It will be very rough and coarse, so it's time to use the therapy conditioner. Rinse your hair thoroughly afterwards.

See the results!

In my case, there's not much change but it still depends on the lighting. Sometimes, I can see the pink/red tinge but it's really not noticeable. Either way, I'm still okay with it!

As for the product, I'm pretty satisfied with it. It's just a tiny bit cheaper than Etude House's though they both do the job quite well. It's absolutely affordable and it's got a lot of product -- the whole bottle was enough to let me color my hair and my sister's (the one with the short hair). My hair, except for a bit of the lower part (which is still quite dark), was still colored nicely and evenly. I also didn't experience any allergic reaction or itching, but then again make sure to test it first.

I only have a couple of gripes here. One is, the color stains the scalp a little (though it fades after some washing). Also, be ready to see pink brown-colored water when washing off the color, and may also stain your towel even after rinsing your hair thoroughly. Now, this I don't remember experiencing with the Etude House Bubble Color. Another thing is the henna therapy conditioner. My hair still felt coarse and a bit stiff after using it, unlike the Silky Perfumed Treatment, so it's a minus for me. And don't forget that chemical smell...

I'm not sure if I'll repurchase though, because I'm now planning to go ahead with my ombre. I'm already okay with this as my base color. But for anyone who wants to try this, why not? *wink*



  1. saw a shelf full of this hair color in the watsons near us and i'm tempted to try one of them but after reading your review, guess i'll stick with etude house hehehe.good kob on the english instructions though

  2. I would try this hair color <3 Btw I nominated you for a blog Award sweetie, please check it out:


    xoxo ^-^

  3. i like the color. looks good on you :)
    the song in your blog is very relaxing. nice choice :)

    do you want to follow each other?
    visit my blog ^^

  4. Nice post! I want to try this dye


  5. @Arya - Yup, the English instructions are a good thing, and I believe they have more shades than Etude House. But yeah, I think EH's Hair Bubble Color is a tad better...

  6. @NEEYD - Wow, thank you so much for the award! <3

  7. @Inge - Thank you very much dear! BTW, you've got a lovely blog, and your DIYs are so cool! * u *

  8. @Grace - Thank you! Richenna's Bubble Color is definitely not the best, but it's still worth a try... ^__~