Random Updates (Finally!)


So yeah, even though I mentioned in my previous post that I'm gonna update my blog, I kept putting it off because honestly, I wasn't even sure how to start! There was a huuuge gap between my last decent post in 2013 and the first one this year, and a lot of things have happened, I can't seem to make up my mind which to post. Heheh... *nervous laugh*

So, here we go!

We moved to a new apartment shortly after the New Year. It's a bit farther away from my workplace than the previous one, and there's not much going on here. Quite unlike our last apartment where Araneta Center and EDSA are just a tricycle ride away. But this one's got a lot more space (this is the first time I rented a place with a bathtub yo!) at a lower price, and I'd say it's brighter and more cozy here. I actually like it! And I'm not alone anymore -- I now come home to le かれし and our two dogs -- Kuroko the siberian husky and Yumi the toy poodle. We're like one big happy family, heheh!

But wait, there's more!

Speaking of Kuroko, just this June, she became a husky mama to four super-cute and adorable puppies. They're actually five, but one died during birth, and another one (we named Kira) also died before he turned two months (that was a really sad moment for us)... Only one remained with us, our blue-eyed copper-and-white baby husky, Kaoru.

And since I'm with le かれし now (meaning I can no longer subsist with just instant ramen and canned food or takeout heheh...) I learned how to cook and make something decent. Well, aside from sinampalukan or adobong manok, they're mostly Japanese-inspired fare -- nikujaga, tamagoyaki, onigiri, karaage, kitsune udon, teriyaki rice burger, and katsu curry. Oh, and I also learned making risotto (been watching too many episodes of Hell's Kitchen, hahaa).

Then there's cosplay. After Kenshin Himura back in 2013, I had a lot of cosplans but only a couple of them made it to reality. There's Ririchiyo Shirakiin of Inu x Boku SS (whom I cosplayed, with le かれし as Soushi Miketsukami) for Toycon June 2014, and Tetsuya Kuroko for Ozine Fest 2015. My Lili Rochefort is still sitting in my closet, with only her gloves as the missing part. Hopefully I can complete it and wear it for this December's Toycon. But before that, I still have Final Fantasy Type-0's Queen for Fantasy Quest, and a planned Rize Kamishiro for later.

Finally, what's an update post without showing how I look now compared to two years ago? Nah, just an excuse to post my shameless selcas. もしわけありません...

That's all for now! I'm really sorry for the lack of updates but I'll definitely try to make up for it and squeeze in some time during this week for my next post~



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